Ava’s April Fool’s Joke finally happened…
Ava’s April Fool’s Joke finally happened…

I will never forget April 3, 2009. It was kind of a late April Fool’s joke that will be featured on the series finale of “Amanda and Elisa.”

On that series finale–Amanda and Elisa will finally do something for the first time ever. The hint: the last time I did this was over 24 years ago in Van Buren, Indiana. The date was November 23, 1985.

November 23, 1985 was the last time I watched a WRTV late newscast with Clyde Lee and Howard Caldwell. Eight thousand five hundred and thirty-one days later, it is from WXIN’s morning newscast, with Scott Jones (formerly of WANE-TV) and Gene Cox filling in…. It was two men anchoring.

I imagine a lot of people will say, “Thank you for confronting your fear, Ava” or even something better.

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