December 2014 31
2014 Year in Review
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The following is a list of events on and Vote for the Girls in 2014. Events listed include information about changes of Zinn Family and friend, controversies and  disputes. Month Day Event LINK January

September 2014 18
Ava Zinn Announcement (9/18/14)
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As you know is celebrating 15 years online come November 1, 2014. The flagship site of Ava Zinn, yours truly, has had two successful ventures, INNewsCenter (launched November 1, 1999; closed June 30, 2011;

August 2014 26
What's Wrong With Holly Everman?
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In more ways than one close friend could possibly imagine, yet in some odd manner since 1990, Holly Everman’s friends have been dreading for this day. They’ve been dreading for the day when she’d reach