Ava Zinn

Ava Zinn is a broadcast journalist/MMJ, film/television producer/director, content creator, host, and a retired webmaster and retailer. Her credits include RAT TV, Queen of the Willis, Vote for the Girls, Quillsville Cold Case, Ava Zinn's Retail Nightmares, and Caprice & Ella.

She is also the founder, owner and chief executive officer of Aeverine Zinn Holdings as well as the Digital Media, Housing Venues, and Retail Venues.

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Ava Zinn

Broadcast Journalist/MMJ since 1999
Film and TV Producer/Director since 2006
YouTube Host since 2008
Retired Retailer and Webmaster

about Ava

Chicagoan at birth, a native of Van Buren, Indiana, and currently reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Ava Zinn had a promising career as a Special Education teacher due to her experience as a Special Education student but a psychological/mental injury prematurely ended hopes following her dis-enrollment from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2001. In 2020, she went back to business to complete a course in retailing, housing, and media production management, yet already had experience in broadcast journalism and television production since 1999. Her dedication and natural talent led her to train with some of Indianapolis and Fort Wayne’s leading personalities.