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New Polices in effect January 4th of 2010

New policies take effect on my 27th Birthday January 4 not only is the birthday of yours truly, but it also comes with new policies of mine and affecting everyone involved. One policy that went into effect on Monday morning, is designed to crack down on errors. Six policies that were free until today will […]

AVA’s DIRTY DOZEN | Fugitives | Jesus Catalan | Brief

From From time to time, I may come across something that may be interesting. In this case, I was watching America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh wants this murderer off the streets more than anybody.This is one person I have added to “AVA’s DIRTY DOZEN.” Jesus Catalan Report a Tip Strange Twist In Hollywood Murder […]

It’s Official… Now the newest Hoosier Entrepreneur Hall of Fame inductee…

On December 9, 2009, Aeverine Nieves (yours truly), not only became the youngest person ever (at age 26), but also the very first Transgendered Woman, to be inducted into the “Indiana Entrepreneur Hall of Fame” A Wrangling Decision… As the events leading to the Hall of Fame Ceremony unfolded due to the “winter storm” © […]

Personal Announcement (12/6/09)

WARNING: The post contains adult language and may not be suitable for the younger audiences and easily offended. Over the past couple of days, you may have noticed posts on my personal Facebook profile of a recent health scare following a confrontation with an uncooperative “NO SIR GIFTS customer” during a NO SIR GIFTS transaction […]

Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates hired to review 2001 Mississinewa 500 Prepardness and Response

Aeverine Zinn contacted Sheena Jay, a private civil cold case investigator doing business as Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates, Wednesday to conduct a comprehensive, independent anaysis of the Zinn family preparedness and response to the Mississinewa 500 on April 28, 2001. Muncie based-investigative firm Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates has been hired to […]