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AVA ZINN on You Tube: Vote for the Girls Emotional Victory

To fill the void in between posts I thought it would be appropriate since Candice Glover won American Idol on May 16, 2013. There is simply no other way to raw emotion after that just one week ago that my pick of Angie Miller was eliminated and then a week later, a wild card pick […]

Ava Zinn to acquire “Vote for the Worst”

MARION, IN – Aeverine Zinn Holdings (“Ms. Zinn”) announced Monday that Ms. Zinn intends to purchase the web assets of infamous web site Vote for the Worst (, VFTW) for an undisclosed sum upon the site’s closing June 30, 2013 at the latest with the URL expiring in February 2014.  The transaction is subject to […]

It’s Official, Ava Zinn may have killed Vote for the Worst

In case you had not been watching American Idol and not watching that particular programme, I would suggest that NOW may be the right time to do so, regardless of what you think about the judges this season. I had made a resolution for 2013 after Phillip Phillips won season 11 that I was done […]

Ave Zinn to resume watching American Idol

As most of you are likely now aware, I wasn’t watching American Idol after Jessica Sanchez was robbed of last year’s crown. It was also a 2013 resolution. I wrangled for weeks whether or not to resume watching the Fox reality singing competition. Once the finals began, The first four contestants were all male. “When […]

Pardon the Apperance at is going through a change that began on the evening of Friday, November 9. If you’re viewing the site Friday evening, you may see some parts of the site in transition until the change is complete by January 2013. Why the change? This is primarily not a “redesign” to change the basic look or […]

Big Changes to on July 4, 2012

By Robyn Matthewson Aeverine Zinn is making changes to her web site, As Aeverine revealed on Facebook: Big Changes are in store for my web site, starting July 4, 2012! There will be some new web pages and I will notified those via email–I am inviting them to Twitter (if they haven’t done […]