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In August 2002, just days after my brother Albert took his own life (despite the Adams County Corner ruling my brother’s death an accident), I was prescribed by Dr. Jerry Co a drug called Risperdal after I said, “I’m OK, but not OK.” I took that particular medication for as much as as six months and realised Read more…

UPDATE (4/20/14): I just published the site of my virginity auction. It is at AvaZinn.US. Once the auction is completed, I will turn to a message board/wiki type This is one of the biggest posts and quite frankly the hardest decision I’ve ever made. I had hoped that something like this would never happen and unfortunately Read more…

View Ava’s Indiana State Fair Trip/Relocation to Indy in a larger map My decision to move from Marion to Indianapolis remains in the hands of yours truly as I obtained a lot more more information including three apartment complex leasing applications and from what I saw while I was in Indianapolis, judging from the hundreds of individuals Read more…

All of my friends, fans, followers, subcribers, and my family know the pain we have experienced over the past 11 years since that fateful evening in April of 2001 and having the case related to the incident finally closed on April 28, 2012. As deeply as I have begun to move forward and finally find someone new and the strength Read more…

Company’s report drops bombshells, blames Margaret Zinn posthumously Eleven years to the day of junior senior prom, two longtime BFF’s are honored as “co-prom dates” replacing “prom bandit” Tweet #Mississinewa500CaseSolved It has been exactly 11 years since my high school senior prom that ended my senior year at Mississinewa High School and apparently brought the turmoil of that Read more…

An independent company hired to investigate the 2001 Mississinewa 500 at Mississinewa High School will release their findings on Friday night. Aeverine Zinn (yours truly) announced Tuesday Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates will share key information in their investigation into actions taken before and after the Misssinewa 500 on April 28, 2001.   Ms. Zinn hired Read more…

CREATED: April 25, 2012 3:00 PM EDT (Aeverine Zinn)UPDATED: May 8, 2012 10:30 PM EDT (Robyn Matthewson) The friends and family of yours truly are bracing for an investigation into the 2001 Mississinewa 500 (Mississinewa High School’s Junior Senior Prom) incident at Mississinewa High School that sparked controversy between ________________ and yours truly. The report from Sheena Read more…

Aeverine Zinn contacted Sheena Jay, a private civil cold case investigator doing business as Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates, Wednesday to conduct a comprehensive, independent anaysis of the Zinn family preparedness and response to the Mississinewa 500 on April 28, 2001. Muncie based-investigative firm Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates has been hired to assist Aeverine Read more…


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Fort Wayne Weather

12/10/2018, 13:52 PM
real feel: 35°F
current pressure: 30 in
humidity: 76%
wind speed: 2 mph W
wind gusts: 4 mph
sunrise: 7:55 AM
sunset: 17:12 PM

Marion Weather

12/10/2018, 13:52 PM

0 mph
real feel: 31°F
current pressure: 30 in
humidity: 95%
wind speed: 0 mph N
wind gusts: 0 mph
sunrise: 7:55 AM
sunset: 17:15 PM

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