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Every now and then Ava will make an editorial of her opinion.

It’s Official… Now the newest Hoosier Entrepreneur Hall of Fame inductee…

On December 9, 2009, Aeverine Nieves (yours truly), not only became the youngest person ever (at age 26), but also the very first Transgendered Woman, to be inducted into the “Indiana Entrepreneur Hall of Fame” A Wrangling Decision… As the events leading to the Hall of Fame Ceremony unfolded due to the “winter storm” © […]

Personal Announcement (12/6/09)

WARNING: The post contains adult language and may not be suitable for the younger audiences and easily offended. Over the past couple of days, you may have noticed posts on my personal Facebook profile of a recent health scare following a confrontation with an uncooperative “NO SIR GIFTS customer” during a NO SIR GIFTS transaction […]

Ava’s April Fool’s Joke finally happened…

I will never forget April 3, 2009. It was kind of a late April Fool’s joke that will be featured on the series finale of “Amanda and Elisa.” On that series finale–Amanda and Elisa will finally do something for the first time ever. The hint the last time I did this was over 24 years […]

Still Searching for 1st Home…

After finding out I wouldn’t be able to purchase my first home due to not enough funding, I found out from a mortgage company in Marion on the home I planned to purchase, after finding out the home actually violated a county code stating that fuse boxes are actually illegal. After taking the fuse box […]

After the Bright House/WISH-TV Dispute… NOW WHAT?! (Part 2)

I looked at my cable bill today and when I opened it, my heart just fell to my stomach. I told Angie (my wife/domestic partner) about the news and she started crying like I’ve never seen her cry in the 7 years her and I have been together. Earlier I just got the news that […]

After the Bright House/WISH-TV Dispute… NOW WHAT?!

After 26 days of negotiations, LIN TV and Bright House Networks finally reach an agreement. Unfortunately, in the Marion area, WISH-TV and WNDY-TV are back on the cable TV lineup. I was expecting WANE-TV to be back on the cable system. That did not happen according to a Bright House Networks source. As they say, […]

Not surprised at all.. but a reconsideration

I was not surprised by the departures of WXIN morning anchor Tracy Forner and former WRTV main anchor Ray Cortapassi. Their contracts may not have been renewed by the respectable stations.   WRTV may have scored ratings growth with “Todd and Trisha,” which debuted at 5:00 PM on September 10, 2007–and I might as well […]