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Ava’s Commentary

Every now and then Ava will make an editorial of her opinion.

Personal Announcement (12/6/09)

WARNING: The post contains adult language and may not be suitable for the younger audiences and easily offended. Over the past couple of days, you may have noticed posts on my personal Facebook profile of a recent health scare following a confrontation with an uncooperative “NO SIR GIFTS customer” during

Finding Another College…

Cold Case and college searching are phrases that normallly don’t go in the same sentence, but that is what has been haunting me since September 27, 2001. Just last year, I received a tip that eventually cracked the cold case wide open. I do know I will now be attending

DTV Transition Reaction

It’s been three weeks since the DTV conversion occurred. I was very fortunate to record all of Indy’s analog sign-offs and one from Fort Wayne (WANE). Since I’m no longer a Bright House Networks subscriber, and now rely on an outdoor antenna just to get Fort Wayne TV (that was

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