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You want a piece of Ava? Every now and then, the Internet and the media are flooded with bulls#!t stories about Ava Zinn. AVA ZINN BS Alerts give you the inside-scoop- straight from Ava Zinn herself on what’s true and what’s bull.

Ava BS Alert/2-5-10-Banned #2020-001

Six years ago, I began cracking down on individuals who decide to post negative comments and so far most have done a pretty good job. Unfortunately, as always a few bad apples do in fact have to spoil it as I have documented on Twitter. © 2020, https:. All rights reserved.

Another Close Call… (3/8/17)

The last time I attempted to take my own life, Joe Keenan was filling out the remainder of Frank O’Bannon’s second term as Governor of Indiana, George W. Bush was President, and yours truly, Ava Zinn had lived her final days living as a biological male. Fourteen years later, unlike last time, I did not […]

Official Statement to David Della Terza of Vote for the Worst

As you know tonight was the final night of Vote for the Girls’ biggest competitor, Vote for the Worst and I have decided to issue a statement following American Idol’s 12th season finale and since I will probably ending up buying the domain. I had attempted to post an official statement as follows: “Vote for […]

More havoc wreaked on relationship search… (BS ALERT)

The hunt to replace Chrsity has been non-stop since November of 2010. Just this morning, I was chatting online with another woman I had met on the dating  web site, turns out she is a UK woman not interestd in dating a transwoman.     Here is the conversation for those interested (Note that […]


Errors in the Ant Tales 2010 are: improper gender pronouns (a lack of them due to gender transition), punctuation errors, and inaccuracies. This is considered to be declared an AVA BS. The corrected version should read: October’s club member is Aeverine “Ava” Zinn-Nieves. She has one brother, Albert, who passed away in August of 2002. […]