Ava Zinn Split of 2018

In December 2017, Ava Zinn announced the separation of Ava Zinn herself and her company, Aeverine ZInn Holdings, with Aeverine ZInn Holdings to be relaunched in the following structure. Keep in mind Ava Zinn will remain the Founder, Owner/CEO and Principal Webmaster of Aeverine Zinn Holdings.

Ava Zinn: THE WOMAN HERSELF (Personal/Residential)

As of 9:00 AM December 22, 2017, Ava Zinn is officially a Independent Contractor for Oklahoma City-based WeGoLook. View the details of the announcement here.

    • MARGARET ZINN (1943-2002) AND WILLIS ZINN (1925-1984)
      • ALBERT ZINN (1977-2002, Son and Ava Zinn’s brother)
        • Michael “Weasel” (Sheena Jay)  Zinn (1987-present, Son and Ava Zinn’s Nephew)
          • Clarissa Zinn (1998-present, transgendered daughter of Michael and Sheena Zinn and Ava’s Transgendered Grand Niece)
        • Leeanna “Later” Zinn (1995-present, Transgendered Daughter)
        • Shayla “Sooner” Zinn (1995-present, daughter)
        • Renee “Red” Zinn (1998-present, transgendered son)
      • AVA ZINN (1983-present, Transgendered Daughter of Willis and Margaret Zinn — YOURS TRULY)
        • Samantha Jane Zinn (1993-present, Daughter with Amanda Davidson (1981-2014))
        • Kylee Marie Zinn (1998-, ADOPTED Daughter from Amanda Davidson since January 4, 2015, formerly Kylee Donovan)
        • Tiffani (Jenna Atkins) Zinn (1999-present, Transgendered daughter with Elisa Everman (1979-))
          • New Child of Tiffani & Jenna Zinn (to be Ava’s grandchild in 2018)
        • Tabitha Ellen Zinn (2003-present, Daughter with Angie Willis (1978-2010))
        • Ashli Ann Zinn (1998-present, ADOPTED daughter from Angie Willis, formerly Ashli Barrington and Ashli Willis)
        • Kenneth Daniel Alvaraz (2015-present, Son with Kymberly Alvaraz (1967-2017))

Aeverine Zinn Holdings (Business/Commercial)

  • RETAIL DIVISION (Aeverine Zinn Retail Venues)
    • Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn – Aeverine Zinn Retail Venues’ Flagship Venue in Marion, Indiana
    • Vape Shop Franchise (Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn’s Vape Bar and individual vape shops)
    • Vegetarian Buffet Restaurants (Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn’s Grill  and individual vegetarian buffets and vegetarian restaurants)
  • DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT DIVISION (Aeverine Zinn Digital Entertainment Venues)
      • AvaZinn.com (1999-present, this web site- Flagship entity of Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group)
      • INNewsCenter (1999-2011 and 2014-present)
      • Vote for the Girls
        • Vote for the Girls USA (2010-present)
        • Vote for the Girls UK (2013-2016, sale pending)
        • Vote for the Girls Australia (2015-2016, sale pending)
      • Vape Back! with Ava Zinn (2017-present)
      • Housing Hell (future)
      • Retail Nightmares (future)
      • Aeverine Zinn Productions
      • Aeverine Zinn Television and Digital Media Distribution
    • TELEVISION STATIONS SUBSIDIARY (Aeverine Zinn Television Stations)
      • Fort Wayne, Indiana (Co-Flagship Station of Aeverine Zinn Television Stations, Full-Power Commercial Television Station)
      • Central Indiana  (Co-Flagship Station of Aeverine Zinn Televiosion Stations)
        • Indianapolis, Indiana (Class A Commercial Television Station)
        • Lafayette, Indiana (full power semi-satellite of Indianapolis, Indiana)
        • Bloomington, Indiana (full-power satellite of Indianapolis, Indiana)
        • Marion/Muncie, Indiana (full-power satellite of Indianapolis, Indiana)
      • Pittsburgh, Pennslvania
      • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
      • Denver, Colorado
      • Michiana
        • South Bend, Indiana (Class A Commercial Television Station)
        • Grand Rapids, Michigan (full-power satellite of South Bend, Indiana)
        • Niles, Michigan (full-power satellite of South Bend, Indiana)
        • Gary, Indiana (full-power satellite of South Bend, Indiana serving Chicago, Ilinois)
      • Evansville, Indiana
      • Terre Haute, Indiana (full power semi-satellite of Indianapolis, Indiana)
      • Louisville, Kentucky
      • Western Ohio
        • Dayton, Ohio
        • Cincinnati, Ohio
        • Toledo, Ohio
        • Lima, Ohio
      • Columbus, Ohio
      • Green Bay, Wisconsin
      • Decatur, Illinois


The Margaret & Albert Zinn Foundation (Non-Profit Entity, to be managed and operated by Aeverine Zinn Holdings)

The Margaret & Albert Zinn Foundation is founded by the estates of Margaret Zinn and Albert Zinn

  • Soup Kitchens
    • Vegetarian Food Banks
    • Soup Kitchens
  • Social Services
    • Representative Payee Organization
    • LGBT Homeless Shelter
    • Furniture Banks

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