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...the Flood Warning Has Been Extended For The Following Rivers... Tiffin River Near Stryker Affecting Defiance...fulton And Williams Counties Saint Joseph River Michigan At Three Rivers Affecting Elkhart... Branch And St. Joseph Counties .recent Heavy Rainfall Had Caused The Tiffin And Saint Joseph ...Read More.
Effective: May 21, 2018 at 11:16amExpires: May 26, 2018 at 8:00amTarget Area: Elkhart

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It has happened again! In a very sad and ironic twist of fate just hours before the nine year anniversary of my dismissal of Indiana Wesleyan University The pictures just moments after throwing approximately 10-15 bad apples across a parking lot and knocking over a trash can pretty much tells the whole story that may lead you Read more…

It has happened again! Another setback for the “Indiana Wesleyan University Cold Case” from 2001. But this time, I was not expelled nor dis-enrolled, only have to take a few “other” courses before the Franklin University of Ohio era is official. That began at Ivy Tech Community College in 2002, but talks broke down in 2004. It’s Read more…

The hits and devastating blows keep coming to Aeverine Zinn, yours truly, and have apparently spread to NoSirGifts.. One night after the slumping 27-year old transwoman hit her lowest point since 2001, “lost it” for the third time since 1996, and losing touch with reality since 1988, it has apparently spread onto her positions at NoSirGifts as Read more…

It has happened again! The first time Aeverine Zinn, yours truly, lost her temper, I was a 13 year old boy in the seventh grade at RJ Baskett, Siobhan Magnus was in kindergarten and Bill Clinton was president © 2010 – 2012, https:. All rights reserved.

I know some of my Former Facebook friends that have recently chose to unfriend rather than work towards a resolution, those that have developed “Conspiracy Theroies” since June of 2010 may be on to something.  After reading this article from WikiHow, my suspicions have NOW BEEN CONFIRMED after hearing the news of Jessica Berg. Fifteen years later, Read more…

As part of a special section on Aeverine.info, I have decided to post some “Cold Case” Relationship Problems I had while I was while I was in middle school and throughout high school. If you are a woman that went to school with yours truly, feel free to comment on this post (and even post your comment Read more…

What you’re saying on “What’s Wrong with Aeverine Zinn?” What’s Wrong With Aeverine Zinn? Total Votes (as of 8:00 AM EDT 7/27/2010):  28   Ava has lost touch with reality and I want to beat her up so bad. (4) 14%   Ava’s friends from Mississinewa Community Schools are just tired of Ava ‘s system all around Read more…

The last time yours truly, Aeverine Zinn, endured a relationship ratings so low, I was known as “Frank Zinn” and an 18-year old high school senior, Kelly Clarkson was a waitress from Texas, George W. Bush was president, Frank O’Bannon was the Governor of Indiana, Christy Johnson (the woman I am seeing) was living in Florida, and Read more…

I would like to take this time to ask all of my fans to once again pass Aeverine.info along to all of your friends. I would love to add new subscribers to the blog! I do ask as a reminder that you be thoughtful on what you post on here about yours truly. Comments deemed demeaning will Read more…

Is Aeverine Zinn really in a relationship with Chrsity Johnson? A few of my friends and fans sure don’t seem to think so. With a heavy rooting interest on the part of my friends and fans toward loyalty being such an integral part of what makes the my life formula work, some fans of mine are bound Read more…


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Fort Wayne Weather

05/21/2018, 12:31 PM
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
real feel: 65°F
current pressure: 30 in
humidity: 71%
wind speed: 11 mph ESE
wind gusts: 16 mph
sunrise: 6:17 AM
sunset: 20:57 PM

Marion Weather

05/21/2018, 12:31 PM

0 mph
real feel: 77°F
current pressure: 30 in
humidity: 76%
wind speed: 0 mph N
wind gusts: 0 mph
sunrise: 6:21 AM
sunset: 20:57 PM

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