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Right Here Waiting 2024 (feat. Riyandi Kusuma)

Ava Zinn here with another cover song: Earlier today, I attempted to post my performance of “Right Here Waiting” with RoChio from #Smule to #soundcloud but have a little problem called copyright. So I’m presenting “Right Here Waiting 2024” that will air in an episode of #queenofthewillis #quillsvillecoldcase (the episode is Quillsville Cold Case: The […]

Ava BS Alert/2-5-10-Banned #2020-001

Six years ago, I began cracking down on individuals who decide to post negative comments and so far most have done a pretty good job. Unfortunately, as always a few bad apples do in fact have to spoil it as I have documented on Twitter. © 2020, https:. All rights reserved.

Ava Zinn to release “40 Years, 40 Songs”

AVA ZINN announced today that she will be releasing an album of cover songs in an album titled “40 Years, 40 Songs” to be released in 2023. “After I auditioned for American Idol in Pittsburgh in 2011, many people in Marion and Fort Wayne wanted me to audition for The Voice and I have to […]

Welcome to 20.0

Fort Wayne’s Very Own LGBT Ava Zinn is proud to unveil the latest version of in honor of its 20th Anniversary. We listened to viewer feedback and have moved our website to what is known as a “responsive design” that works better on mobile phones and tablets. AvaZinn added a translate option available for […]

Ava’s Personal Announcement (10/6/2019)

Hard to believe that it’s been more than 18 months since yours truly officially became “Fort Wayne’s Very Own LGBT Ava Zinn”. Things haven’t been the best since then with the rocky start and despite best efforts, things have not gone as I had expected, though the relatively four hour and $500 move had took […]

Park Center and Ava Zinn/AZH Reach Agreement

Aeverine Zinn Holdings and Park Center, Inc announced Wednesday that they have reached a multi-year agreement to provide services to Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings by Park Center, as well as ending an 84-day dispute. The blackout, which had stretched on for 12 weeks, resulted in the Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings reaching a secondary deal with […]