Ava’s Look back at Black Pine Flats (fka Brendonwood Park Apartments)
- September
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Ava’s Look back at Black Pine Flats (fka Brendonwood Park Apartments)

The journey with the then Brendonwood Park Apartments (nka Black Pine Flats) in Fort Wayne with yours truly is going to be one I will not forget and likely for a long time.

After relocating from Marion on the late afternoon of May 14, 2018, I have had issues from the start. Problems persisted, particularly after a fire in July 2020. I was unfamiliar with Fort Wayne aside from I-69, Illinois Road (Indiana Highway 14), Jefferson Boulevard (U.S. Highway 24), and the Fort Wayne Housing Authority.

Among those issues were: the fact I have had to use a clamp light on the ceiling, the garbage disposal frequently not working since I do not use the garbage disposal very often, a toilet that was wobbly, and after a fire just four doors away at 1233 Fayette Drive in July 2020 that caused the internet/Wi-Fi to go down and Comcast promising to fix the problems on a permanent basis.

The permanent solution never happened as of May 2022 due the laundry room had been locked and therefore Comcast could not repair the lines inside the attic of the laundry room following the July 2020 fire that displaced 10 tenants and I was not one of them.

I did however visit all nine (a tenth on East Dupont Road is on the way on the far northeast side) Kroger stores in Fort Wayne (plus the other Kroger stores I have been to were East 16th Street in Downtown Indianapolis and New Albany), all five Walmarts in Fort Wayne (plus the now-permanently closed Walmart Neighborhood Market on East 38th Street in Indianapolis; still open Walmarts in Marion, Muncie, Wabash, Brandon, Florida and Irondale (Birmingham), Alabama, ), and all four Meijer locations in Fort Wayne (as well as the Marion and Muncie stores). The first store I ever shopped at in Fort Wayne was the then Lassus Handy Dandy (now My Market #3) on Paulding Road in Fort Wayne.

Initially, some stores I shopped at when I lived in Marion such as Aldi, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree continued while new stores like Menards, Target, Sam’s Club, and Costco. I don’t shop at Aldi, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree in Fort Wayne as much now as I did in Marion compared to Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, Sam’s Club, and Costco.

Also, I initially continued to recycle aluminum cans and to an extent steel cans yet after going to the Fort Wayne OmniSource on Meyer Road and after retiring from web-mastering in December 2021, after 28 years of recycling aluminum cans, I stopped recycling cans after January 4, 2021, and declared myself as semi-retired as I have no other interest other than working as a film/television producer/director and broadcast journalism, of which I am attending IvyTech Fort Wayne for as of August 25, 2020.

Some issues continued all the way through the end of my tenancy at Black Pine Flats. That was just a handful of months after what is now Black Pine Flats was sold to CIM Living of New York City and new management decided not to honor the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8).

It ultimately led to yours truly producing a Caprice & Ella 13-part miniseries “Breaking Boiling Point” that will air on both my YouTube channel and Caprice & Ella’s channel.

After moving from Black Pine Flats to Golfview Apartments, some stores will change while others will not. Caprice and Ella will also make the move though I will have to pay a $600 pet deposit with $60 additional pet rent due to having two pets, in addition to the first month’s rent of $675 (not covered by Section 8), security deposit of $1,050, and moving expenses of $500-600. It will be an expensive move yet likely not going to be the most expensive move as back in November 1983 after moving from Chicago to Mill Township/Gas City, Indiana, the move was only $1,500 at the time (approximately $4,500 in 2022 dollars when adjusted for inflation). The move from Marion to Fort Wayne took me ten years (began in September 2008 prior to the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute) and $25,000 to prepare for and only $500 and four hours to execute.

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