Caprice Zinn found safe after she went missing for 44 hours
- July
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Caprice Zinn found safe after she went missing for 44 hours

My cat Caprice went missing at 9:42 am July 29, 2022 and returned home at 5:18 am July 31, 2022. She went missing for 44 hours. During that time, I did what every pet parent does such as alerting the local Animal Control, etc. That time was a really grim period and can compare to the 1987 Baby Jessica rescue.

Caprice was on her cat harness right outside my front door and as a neighbor was nearby, she either got off her harness or the harness broke off—a story I am willing to believe has to be an accident. Luckily, I will not have to take legal action and sue the individual or organization that caused the accident. As Caprice got loose, she went to the woods behind my home and was effectively scared for her life.

On two occasions, she was sighted behind my home and called her name, yet she kept running away as I attempted to approach her. On July 30 at around 6:00 pm, a humane trap was set up to catch Caprice. Unfortunately, the trap caught two other community cats and two raccoons between then and 5:14 pm July 31.

At 5:14 am July 31, 2022, I saw Caprice at the front of my door and four minutes later, she walked right inside. Forty-four hours had passed and she was found. I immediately contacted the local authorities and microchip companies (as Caprice was already microchipped when I adopted her at what is now Humane Fort Wayne’s shelter on Hanna Street on February 26, 2021 while Ella got microchipped at Humane Fort Wayne’s Vet Clinic on Maycrest Drive on December 27, 2021), as well as posting breaking news.

July 29, 2022 was a day that brought a lot of violence in Fort Wayne. At Black Pine Flats (formerly Brendonwood Park) I was unable to predict how long it would take to find a former community cat—something I became aware of a month after adopting Caprice. I knew Caprice was a community cat as a kitten, yet almost 18 months later, I would have no idea of the trauma Caprice went through during those 44 hours that worried my dog Ella and me.

Social media in Fort Wayne was dominated by Caprice’s disappearance from 10:00 am 7/29 to 6:00 am 7/31. This should have been a news event, but given a damn good relationship I had from 1985 to 2022 with Fort Wayne’s big four television news stations that has been going downhill since the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute of 2008, I wasn’t surprised. Caprice’s disappearance dominated Facebook in Fort Wayne as the television news networks were on Baby Jessica (McClure) on October 14, 1987. That is why I decided to compare Caprice’s disappearance to Baby Jessica’s rescue nearly 35 years ago.

Caprice was basically unharmed yet I would not be surprised if she was raped by a male cat even though she is spayed. This has to be a story that often has happy endings within the first 48 hours. Trust me, I have watched several ”The First 48” episodes on A&E when I had cable in Marion. I believe, through Caprice, Fort Wayne will be transported to a time when anything seemed possible with enough prayer, hard work, relentlessness, and back breaking work. This will be one I will definitely remember for years to come.

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