Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group to produce Caprice & Ella: The Movie
- April
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group to produce Caprice & Ella: The Movie

The film is set to release in July 2024

Fort Wayne, Indiana – April 19, 2022 – Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group announced today that it will begin production of an Ava Zinn film titled “Caprice & Ella: The Movie”. The film was slated for release in July 2023, but is being delayed until July 2024.

From the creator of “Caprice & Ella” “Queen of the Willis” and “Vote for the Girls”, Ava Zinn, comes her first live-action motion picture. The upcoming film based on the “Caprice & Ella” YouTube series set in Fort Wayne, Indiana The film is about Caprice and Ella respectively being a problem cat and dog, ala the “Problem Child” film series

“Caprice & Ella: The Movie” will premiere in July 2024, pending the production and editing process goes smoothly and on time.

The film features Caprice Zinn, the cat Ava Zinn adopted in 2021 and the protagonist of the film, dog Gabriella “Ella” Zinn, and Ava Zinn herself with several actors and actresses in roles to be announced.

A trailer of the film is available for preview at as well as the Caprice & Ella and Ava Zinn YouTube channels. Sponsors supporting the development of the film will be announced at a later date.

The release date of the movie is slated for July 2024 which will be released with the theatrical cut as well as the director’s cut. The release copies will be available by all home entertainment retailers or online at upon final completion of the film

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