A Brief Note About Caprice & Ella 313
- December
Posted By : Ava Zinn
A Brief Note About Caprice & Ella 313
If you pay close attention, I was in the white coat, black pants, and a pet taxi in a wheelchair.

As many of you are now likely aware, on December 27, 2021, I took my cat and dog, Caprice & Ella, to Humane Fort Wayne’s Maycrest Drive location to get Ella microchipped as I found the $5 microchip deal too much to resist and could not pass the opportunity up.

When I arrived, I also saw camera people, particularly from WPTA-TV. I have a lot of respect for the broadcast news industry and since I am a local YouTube celebrity, I knew this was going to get a lot of buzz for the upcoming season of “Caprice & Ella.”

However, after making the two-and-a-half-hour walk from Maycrest Drive to Brendonwood Park with Caprice and Ella, with minor aches and pains, I was able to relax, and I realized the possibility that Caprice, Ella, and I were going to be on TV.

As 5:00 PM approached, I watched WPTA-TV’s “ABC21 News at 5” to watch the news story on Human Fort Wayne. When I watched Arielle Cadet, who was filling in for both Brien McElhatten and Krista Miller that day, deliver the newscast, I knew this was going to get some buzz. Sure enough, I saw myself, Caprice, and Ella on the WPTA-TV’s 5:00 PM news and I knew this had to be an episode idea for “Caprice & Ella.”

After watching the report, I had a lot of questions to ask myself. “Was it worth posting an episode?” “Is it going to get a lot of buzz?” The answers were clearly a no-brainer, as I am the creator and executive producer of “Caprice & Ella,” it was clear to me that Arielle Cadet was going to guest star in the episode titled “Ella Gets Microchipped,” (Caprice & Ella 313) which will be on both the Caprice & Ella YouTube channel, where most uncensored episodes air, and the good clean broadcast version on my YouTube channel. Make no mistake about it.

I also went on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let my friends and fans know that I was, in fact, on the news.

Here is the post:

I was on the 5:00 pm news on channel 21 in Fort Wayne tonight. They were doing a story about Humane Fort Wayne’s $5 Microchip deal. You also saw Caprice & Ella in that report.
I know my friends in Marion/Grant County were unable to watch (unless it was via outdoor antenna), but I will post that particular report on my YouTube channel, and it will also be on #CapriceAndElla on February 7, 2021.

Facebook post

I went to edit the videos for Caprice & Ella 313, and I knew this was going to be an important episode. When I rendered the episode, I realized there were going to be some deleted scenes that were not going to be in the episode. A clear example was not crediting Tanya Gallo, Tom Powell, and Emilia Miles after reviewing the footage.

Are there any lessons learned from this experience? As I read through the social media comments, I realized the answer was going to be, the important lesson is to microchip your pets as well as spay and neuter.

That being said, I will host a Q & A session at approximately 8:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Pacific, via Zoom. I will discuss the episode and answer any questions regarding Caprice and Ella.

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