AVA ZINN WANTS TO KNOW: Why did it take Ava 19 years to find another college/university?
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AVA ZINN WANTS TO KNOW: Why did it take Ava 19 years to find another college/university?

FORT WAYNE (Ava Zinn) – I may have been a student at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne for four weeks now. I have been doing remarkably well in Integrated Reading and Writing, English Composition, and Student Success. In fact, I have been doing excellent at Ivy Tech by getting all A’s for the first time since the 1993-94 academic year (I was in the 4th grade).

Flashback to September 2001 at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion… or let’s say Life Center Counseling a mile and a half south from IWU’s Marion campus. New details have emerged a year and a half after IWU announced a change in its housing policy that I exposed while I was attending IWU.

This week, I was given an English Composition assignment to write an essay about a narrator’s descriptive account of an event. I chose my dis-enrollment from IWU on 09/27/2001 as the first thing that came up and the images that came in mind were traumatic flashbacks.

The guidelines for my essay was searching YouTube footage about an event I am interested in and can visualize what the event may have been like. I picked college dismissal and my Vote for the Girls Purple Team North teammate Donna Doogan showed me Ohio State’s Academic Dismissal video. In that video, I saw two people that came to my mind—Vance Maloney and Ann Sattley—and even took some notes that could have helped me get readmitted to IWU Marion, but nothing was done for 17 years until unbeknownst to Ms. Sattley—she didn’t know it on January 19, 2018, but I knew what was going to happen and it was something I should have done 17 years earlier—was discussing next steps in furthering my education and it would not be done in Marion as I announced a month later I was moving to Fort Wayne.

I remember that meeting that mild January Friday afternoon like yesterday. I had smoked 2 ½ packs of cigarettes before the day was over. I knew it was the beginning of the end in Marion as I knew that I was doing faring better than in 2001. I knew the Indianapolis psychologist Michael O’Brien provided me with some answers that Vance Maloney didn’t.

That being said, I will be presenting three essays for the price of one to my professor. One essay will be from the perspective of yours truly—Ava Zinn, Ann Sattley, and Vance Maloney. The perspectives of Ms. Sattley and Dr. Maloney are from my recollections on January 19, 2018, and September 27, 2001, respectively.

After listing Aristotle’s Persuasive Elements, I felt an emotional connection since I was involved. I was deeply affected by 9/27/2001.

My purpose of writing these three essays from the perspectives of Ms. Sattley, Dr. Maloney, and myself is to explain why it took me 19 years to find another college or university to attend while others did it in six months at best. My audience is for those who have been in my situation, particularly ones who transition from one gender to another as well as transitioning from high school to college, so they don’t make the same mistakes I made or go through what I went through at IWU Marion that aren’t being repeated at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne.

I know many of you will have concerns or questions as so many of you have been following this story since 10:15 am September 27, 2001, as a breaking news story, “AVA ZINN DISMISSED FROM IWU.” I know by telling these stories from their perspectives, you will be able to get another side of the story for the first time like everyone else.

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