Ava Zinn has a remarkable first week at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne
- August
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Ava Zinn has a remarkable first week at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne

As the first week of Ivy Tech-Fort Wayne is in the history books, I am already claiming victory. I even brought back the #whiteboard. I will post it to Facebook and Twitter every day as well as in addition to my wardrobe. It was remarkable compared to my first week at IWU in September 2001.

As I was checking the assignments, I noticed that I have had the highest grades in both English Composition and Integrated Reading/Writing in my first week at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne. Remember it’s only the first week, yet I remain very optimistic. As I was going through my closet and trying on clothes I haven’t worn after 10 years, many of those outfits no longer fit me as I now weigh 220 pounds, yet weighed only 140 after moving from Marion to Fort Wayne in 2018. Unfortunately, I will have to buy some new clothes after donating the clothes that no longer fit to either WellSpring or Goodwill in Fort Wayne.

As week two approaches, one assignment that I am working on is about how an instructor helps yours truly be successful in class and what the instructor wants to know about yours truly. I have written seven pages and 16 paragraphs in the assignment. It is good but can be better. When I write essays, I tend to write long and elaborate as much as I can as well as going into detail. Some instructors like Mrs. Tittle and the late Mr. Fessenden (if memory serves me right) didn’t like the way I wrote at first, but I learned something along the way at the time. I knew English was never one of my best subjects while I attended Misssissinewa High School, but applied a quote my late mother taught me back in 1999. If English Composition and Integrated Reading/Writing is anything like English Communications during my junior and senior years, then I could have a problem despite the strong start.

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