Firefighter, Ava Zinn okay in blaze
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Firefighter, Ava Zinn okay in blaze

I’m learning new details on the Brendonwood Park fire. After assessing the damage over the last few days and speaking with neighbors Monday morning (7/13/2020), according to officials at Brendonwood Park the cause is believed to be a grease fire while a neighbor says it was electrical.

This isn’t the first time fire broke out at Brendonwood Park. WOWO-AM and WPTA-TV reports fire in September 2013 occurred two blocks west according to Brendonwood Park officials.

Original story (July 10, 2020): FORT WAYNE (Ava Zinn and Journal Gazette) – Fort Wayne investigators are trying to determine the cause of an apartment blaze that left a firefighter with injuries displacing five and knocking out cable and internet for ten, including yours truly.

Firefighters arrived to Brendonwood Park Apartments, 1233 Fayette Drive, at 10:37 p.m. Friday and found a kitchen fire spreading to the attic area inside one of the units, according to a news release.

An adult occupant (and one of my neighbors) escaped before crews arrived, but a firefighter fell through the roof at the one-story complex, officials said.

They said the emergency worker was treated and released. Crews had the fire under control in about an hour.

The last time yours truly went through a fire, Evan Bayh was Governor of Indiana, VP Mike Pence was a congressman, and yours truly was an 11 year old boy in Van Buren, Indiana that witnessed an arson.

I will have more details as soon as more information becomes available. I’m a little bit shaken up after the stabbing a month earlier. But this really hit me the hardest more than my five neighbors displaced. One of my neighbors’ daughter was upset and I saw that. My daughters, Samantha and Tiffani asked me if I was okay and this morning, Alexandra (Moffitt) and Karly (Jameson) actually came by my home asking if I was all right.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a little shaken up yet don’t know how long until things get back to normal as I found out a couple of years ago at Tamera Gardens.

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