AVA ZINN WANTS TO KNOW: Why did it take 21 years to get an automobile?
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AVA ZINN WANTS TO KNOW: Why did it take 21 years to get an automobile?

FORT WAYNE (Ava Zinn) – An automobile has become critical component for anyone. It helps people get to and from his or her job, go to the grocery store, or go on vacation.

Fort Wayne’s Very Own LGBT Ava Zinn has learned yours truly, Ava herself, Ryan Acord and James Hatton were only three from the Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 not to have a car.

However, that changed at 12:05 PM May 16, 2020 following years of complaints from friends since taking Driver’s Education with Mr. Burchette, a campaign launched by both of my daughters Samantha and Tiffani, as well as being evident after a funeral snafu in 2013.

Long time friends have wondered why it took far too long.

“It was frustrating to say the least,” said the late Holly Everman in a 2010 interview. “I was like ‘how in the f**k are you passionate about certain things but I have wondered why you don’t have a car?'”

After a funeral snafu in July 2013 caused by weather and my mother’s declining health in 1999, some friends were mad and asked where Ava’s car was.

I reached out to long time friends, acquaintances, and most importantly my children and close friends to find out why it took 21 years.

Donna Doogan, one of my colleagues from ‘Vote for the Girls’ said, “While ‘VFTG’ premiered on AvaZinn.com 10 years ago, prohibitive costs, outdated infrastructure, and lack of support when Ava lived in Marion was just a fraction of the reason why she did not go any further and therefore, it the failure of local (Marion) individuals that lead Ava to accept a deal to live, work, and play in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since Ava has lived in Fort Wayne, she has invested heavily in upgrading her livelihood like never before. She had spent almost 10 years and $25,000 from 2008 to prepare for a move that took four hours and $500 to execute. Ever since the day the 26′ U-Haul came by, Ava got to work immediately and cleaned up, fixed everything that was broken.”

A typical used automobile is said to cost between $3,000 to $15,000 a year for the equipment, title, plates, registration, insurance, extended warranty and maintenance.

Carrie Wells was a senior at Mississinewa High School when Ava took Mr. Burchette’s driver ed said to Ava on Facebook, “you (Ava) would be a great driver since you took your time and didn’t just jump into it.”

“Ava had other priorities like graduating from high school, raising Samantha and Tiffani, and managed to find the balance,” said Karly Jameson, long-time friend of Ava Zinn.

Jameson said, for several years, Ava had been through a lot of hardship. Ava recently solved the 2001 Indiana Wesleyan University Cold Case last February.

During that time, a feasibility study on Ava’s Automobile, surveyed friends and fans. “Feedback we have collected indicates friends support the implementation of an automobile in Ava’s possession and feel the benefits outweighed the costs Ava incurred while she lived in Marion,” said Doogan.

Was Representative Payee Abuse a hurdle?

Jameson said another piece of the financial burden resulted from that dreaded Representative Payee and despite good intentions, did not even consider yet the closest to such a vehicle was a bicycle.

“When you look at Ava Zinn, you are talking about a transgendered woman who is loyal, knowing what is right, and making improvements all the time,” said Jameson.

Jameson said there’s been several benefits to learning about the successes in Fort Wayne and the failures in Marion. Today, Jameson said technology has improved, many of the bugs have been worked out and the equipment is not as expensive in 2020 as it was in 1999.

“A lot of people I meet just don’t do their homework, jumped right in and either many of them end up bankrupt or broke or far too inferior to what they probably rather have, had they taken their time and not too much time like Ava did,” said Doogan. “I have no doubt in my mind Ava Zinn is in a damn good position right now and she is faring better in Fort Wayne.”

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