Park Center and Ava Zinn/AZH Reach Agreement
- March
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Park Center and Ava Zinn/AZH Reach Agreement

Aeverine Zinn Holdings and Park Center, Inc announced Wednesday that they have reached a multi-year agreement to provide services to Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings by Park Center, as well as ending an 84-day dispute.

The blackout, which had stretched on for 12 weeks, resulted in the Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings reaching a secondary deal with Bowen Center in the interim.

“I want to thank the friends and fans of Aeverine Zinn Holdings and Park Center customers for their patience throughout this process,” said AZH Founder, Owner/CEO, and Principal Webmaster Ava Zinn.

But despite the 12 week headache after things got off to rocky start in part due to the rush to beat a deadline, the dispute was resolved with little fanfare.

I’m are pleased to announce that services provided by Park Center have been restored as a result of our reaching a new, long term agreement with Aeverine Zinn Holdings and Ava Zinn.

We know these past 12 weeks were frustrating and we thank you for your patience as we worked towards an agreement. We were very appreciative of all the comments, both supportive and critical, that AZH customers sent to Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings and Park Center during this time.

The terms may not have been disclosed, but reports indicate that Aeverine Zinn Holdings came out quite well in the negotiations.

While the temporary loss of Park Center customers may have dipped into LGBT Ava Zinn’s YouTube channel as well as other Aeverine Zinn Digial Media YouTube channels (such as Vote for the Girls USA and Queen of the Willis, the latter of which returned after a six year hiatus) ratings a bit since the blackout started shortly before the end of the year, Park Center might have been feeling the heat a bit more.

Preliminary estimates showed that after Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings reached an agreement with Bowen Center in the interim, as well as the recently resolved IWU Cold Case in the past few weeks following a tip to about IWU’s Housing Policy Ava Zinn exposed in September 2001 and effectively confessed in February 2019, really put the pressure on Park Center.

Let’s hope that peace prevails in the kingdom for at least a few years after this.

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