AvaZinn.com, AZH Web Properties reported outage after IWU Cold Case Resolved
- February
Posted By : Ava Zinn
AvaZinn.com, AZH Web Properties reported outage after IWU Cold Case Resolved

I have been a webmaster for almost 20 years now and after the IWU Cold Case was cracked, sometimes this webmaster herself running this web site becomes the news. Unfortunately, AvaZinn.com and other Aeverine Zinn Holdings web properties, such as Queen of the Willis and Vote for the Girls had experienced some issues due to heavy traffic.

Unfortunately, the AZH Careers site was the only fatality and had to be rebuilt. It is back up and running.

All of Aeverine Zinn Holdings web properties had been streamlined to AvaZinn.com since December 2017 as part of the Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings split. The flagship Vote for the Girls (United States ) was moved from voteforthegirls.us to vftgusa.avazinn.com as part of the aforementioned split as well as changing web hosting providers from GoDaddy to Namecheap.

According to IsItDown.Us, this web site (AvaZinn.com) was down for almost 10 hours that ended at 10:00 AM Eastern Thursday after what is believed to be scheduled maintenance on Namecheap’s end that ended at 8:00 AM Eastern and a problem on Comcast’s end. The web site experienced issues from 3:35 AM Thursday, and after restarting the router at the Aeverine Zinn Holdings facility, the web site as well as other AZH web properties were back up and running.

It is not clear how widespread the outage was, but it did affect mostly East Central and Northeast Indiana and isolated parts of the United States.

Some visitors on this site, including the webmaster herself (yours truly–Ava Zinn), not able to access any AZH-owned web site while others saw the front page of AvaZinn.com.

After we reported on the IWU Housing Policy that lead to the IWU Cold Case being cracked after nearly 17 1/2 years, the IWU dis-enrollment case saw AvaZinn.com rise significantly.

“As the founder, owner/CEO, and principal webmaster of Aeverine Zinn Holdings, I regret the inconvenience caused by this morning’s outage and want all my friends, fans, and customers that our web site is back up and running as of 10:00 AM Thursday (2/21/2019)”, said yours truly in a statement. “I can assure you that my staff in the Digital Media Division of Aeverine Zinn Holdings will continue to monitor the situation and to ensure website accessibility is maintained.”

Aeverine Zinn Holdings owns AvaZinn.com and Ava Zinn is the Founder, Owner/CEO, and Principal Webmaster of Aeverine Zinn Holdings.

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