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Retired cold civil case investigator ‘elated’ about IWU Dis-Enrollment suspect capture

A retired cold civil case investigator, worked the Ava Zinn IWU Dis-Enrollment case tirelessly for years, keeping Zinn’s infamous IWU dis-enrollment letter in her purse until the day she retired.

The investigator told Fort Wayne’s LGBT Ava Zinn she knew a suspect would eventually be caught even though it didn’t happen on her watch.

“I think about Ava’s dis-enrollment from IWU often. I carried a copy of the letter in my purse for a long, long time,” she says.
The investigator retired from Sheena Jay Private Detective Agency in Muncie in 2016 after spending years on the Ava Zinn IWU Dis-Enrollment case with too many sleepless nights to count.
Not any more.

“Such a relief having this culminated after 18 long, exhaustive years,” she says.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sheena (Jay) Zinn is the niece in-law of AvaZinn.com webmsater Ava Zinn

The investigator worked relentlessly on the case, chasing every lead she could.
She and Sheena Zinn and a former judge even spent three days to develop a profile of the IWU Dis-Enrollment Suspect.

“We received the profile of the person and/or policy that probably caused Ava’s dis-enrollment from Indiana Wesleyan University. Matches it to a T. The whole nine yards. They hit it right on the head to what IWU’s Housing Policy of 2019 looks like and Dr. Vance Maloney to some extent of the dis-enrollment suspect’s characteristics today,” Sheena Zinn says.

“Did I ever think this day would come? Yeah, I always had hopes that it would happen. The new technology is just a wonderful thing, and I have every hope that it’s going to help many, many cases in the future,” the investigator adds.

So does she think the IWU Housing Policy may be responsible for other dis-enollments?

“I can’t hardly believe that if the IWU Housing Policy and one psychology can do such terrible things like Ava’s dis-enrollment from IWU, that the individual or in this case, a campus housing policy would not be connected in other activity in the past,” she says.

He figures the only reason Maloney or the IWU Housing Poilcy stayed off the radar is because no one ever talked to anyone about the case.

“Actually, I was kind of surprised IWU did some damage to Ava Zinn before her gender transition and predating IWU’s Housing Policy on the Marion campus played a major role as did Dr. Maloney,” the investigator says.

“I’m going to be there every day in the front row if I can and watching everything transpire,” she says.

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