Neighbors react to IWU Housing Policy change, 2001 IWU Cold case
- February
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Neighbors react to IWU Housing Policy change, 2001 IWU Cold case

MARION, Indiana (AZH) – The Marion community and fans of yours truly, Ava Zinn, reacted to the news of a 18-year-old cold case, they were surprised and shocked to hear that a capture has been made in the IWU Cold case.

Yours truly was dis-enrolled from Indiana Wesleyan University on September 27th, 2001. 

“(It’s) funny I’ve been told by a few people and someone (at IWU) there that they pick and choose who they want and to be forced to go to their religious courses all to get my nursing degree,” said one Kristin Perez in a comment to the Chronicle-Tribune’s Facebook page. 

“They’ve been getting away with this for 18 years, and today I think IWU got what they deserved,” said one patron.

Residents near IWU had a difficult time finding the words to describe their emotions after word of IWU’s Housing Policy was out.

Folks I spoke with via Facebook say they many have criticized IWU’s Housing Policy.

The Anti-IWU folks who commented on the Chronicle-Tribubne’s Facebook page and LGBT Ava ZInn, all of them told us they thought this case would remain cold forever. 

“We used to work in mental health. They came here to go to school and were smacked in the face with complete freedom and lost it,” said Travis Miller.

“Don’t like the rules at IWU? Don’t go there,” said Kim Dempsey on their Facebook page. 

That shock, a common theme in Marion, 55 miles northeast in Fort Wayne, and 60 miles southwest in Indianapolis. 

“This been in my heart for a long time,” said Alexandra Moffitt, who broke down when trying to get her words out, she says every day she can’t help but think about what happened 18 years ago, he continued by saying, “The thoughts of them finding the answers just stuck to me all these years.”

The case, cold, from Thursday, September 27, 2001 until Thursday, February 7, 2019 when a yours truly was alerted about IWU’s Housing Policy.

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