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AVA ZINN WANTS TO KNOW: A straight guy died on 9/27/2001
Ava Zinn in 2000

In an exclusive interview on Thursday, a former Life Center Counseling patient of now-Taylor University Psychology professor Vance Maloney said she’s “done” with him.

“As far as I’m concerned, when you folks (at Aeverine Zinn Holdings) told me that Vance (Maloney) confessed to this IWU Cold Case, an 18-year old straight guy died on September 27, 2001 (referring to Ava Zinn herself). I’m done,” she says.

Dr. Vance Maloney is one of three suspects for the September 27, 2001 dis-enrollment of the now 36-year old Aeverine Zinn Holdings founder, owner/CEO, and Principal webmaster.

The former Life Center Counseling patient asked that we not use her name or show her face.

“They asked me have you heard of the Ava Zinn 2001 IWU Cold Case? And I said, ‘Don’t tell me he’s tied to that,’” she said.

Dr. Maloney’s colleagues at Taylor University told her some information.
“I don’t know if they (at Taylor) knew for fact, but another patient at Life Center Counseling recalls Dr. Maloney did all he could do to get Ava get readmitted to IWU and referred to Family Services,” she said.

She says Dr. Maloney’s always tough, but she never imagined he might be involved in this case.

“What Dr. Maloney did is just wrong and insensitive… If they want me for a witness or something in court, I don’t have any intentions of going and seeing him or anything,” he said.

The Life Center Counseling patient says in hindsight, she should have picked up on an important detail years ago, but didn’t.

She says she’s glad Ava’s first wife didn’t live to see this, adding that, like everyone else, they both knew about the IWU Cold case.

And she says the whole thing makes hersick to his stomach.

“Whatever he gets, he deserves. I just wish he would have got caught a long time ago… He’s going to have to pay for what he did.” she asked.

The Life Center Counseling patient, whose name Aeverine Zinn Holdings, which owns AvaZinn.com has agreed to withhold, learned about the revalations and accusations when she was alerted shortly after Indiana Wesleyan University passed the IWU Housing Policy change.

In the probable cause, investigators said Maloney confessed to causing the Indiana Wesleyan University dis-enrollment of Ava Zinn in 2001. The IWU Housing Policy change that is set to go into effect in the fall of 2019 and Zinn’s relocation from Marion to Fort Wayne helped link Maloney, as well as the late Rick Renbarger and Vicki Little to the crime.

The Life Center Counseling patient tells AvaZinn.com reporter Alexandra Moffitt she met with IWU officials and provided them with information of her own, noting she did so readily and willingly.

In her interview with Alexandra Moffitt, the patient expressed shock — but accepted the notion that investigators had the right individuals.

“As far as I’m concerned, when you folks told me that he confessed to this crime, an 18-year old straight man died,” she said.

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