IWU Dis-Enrollment Cold Case Cracked after 17 years following Ava Zinn Investigation
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IWU Dis-Enrollment Cold Case Cracked after 17 years following Ava Zinn Investigation

ORIGINALLY POSTED: February 7, 2019 3:02 PM
UPDATED: February 8, 2019 11:55 AM

Six thousand three hundred forty-three (6,343) days of wondering and heartache for the friends, family and fans of yours truly along with numerous family deaths since one fateful Thursday fall morning in at Indiana Wesleyan University’s Marion, Indiana campus that started a domino effect that lasted for 17 ½ years.

I remember that day very damn well. It was 16 days after 9/11.

In September of 2001, I was among the more than 700 freshmen and new students at Indiana Weslean University. There was a lot of construction, remodeling, and apparently as it turned out may be the potential cause of what I always have belived to this day ten years later that caused my dis-enrollment from Indiana Wesleyan University. There were many services that should have been available for yours truly, such as a commuter’s lounge at IWU (that was not available), and the suggestion of a food pantry. Had those been available PRIOR to ten years ago today, I would have offically be posting as an alumnus of Indiana Wesleyan University.

IWU Dismissal 10 Years Later (September 27, 2011)

September 27, 2001 began like any other and it ended up being one of the worst days of my life (it currently is ranked the third worst after April 18, 1996 and January 23, 2018). On the day I ever sat foot at the Marion IWU campus, I was just an 18-year old male college freshman that had only been married to a 23 year old woman named Angie that I wanted to invite to my prom, but due to her being over 21—I was FORCED, and I did say FORCED BY MY OWN MOTHER to take an 16-year old sophomore (I had told my mother the sophomore was 18 and there were no “Romeo & Juliet Laws” in the books as they are now in Indiana). With the post-9/11 paranoia and the construction going on at the time at IWU as well as a lack of a commuter lounge—it would play a key role years later.

It was the day everything changed and everyone was devastated and it was a mystery that would take 906 weeks, years of Representative Payee Abuse (that could have easily been avoided and since relocating to Fort Wayne, have since repealed all Representative Payee policies as of July 4, 2018), five relationships that went bad, three rapes (in July 2002, June 2010, and April 2015), $27,500 from September 30, 2008 to May 14, 2018 preparing for the eventual move from Marion to Fort Wayne after having no luck finding a college to replace IWU.

Two bags of Lay’s Potato Chips at Lance’s New Market for $5.00, two 12-12 ounce cans of Coca-Cola at K-Mart for $5.00, two two liters of Coca-Cola for $1.99 at CVS/Pharmacy, a jar of Ragu Spagetti Sauce for 88 cents and a pound of bananas for 38 cents at Marsh Supermarkets in Marion/Grant County, and a new IWU Housing Policy I uncovered during my freshman year at IWU during the four weeks in the fall of 2001.

Rick Renbarger (1953-2009), left, and Vicki Little (1954-2013)

Fast forward from 09/27/2001 to 02/07/2019, exactly 906 weeks; my 7th Grade middle school field trip to IWU in 1996 (which, ironically, was my final school field trip I ever participated in); hard evidence; estimonies and notable statements from my fellow IWU classmate Paige Lank (now Paige Clingenpeel) in 2005, Seth Connely in 2007, Jenna McCoy in 2009, and a damn good friend Dara Richards in 2011; and now the posthumous arrests of Margaret Zinn, Vicki Little, and Rick Renbarger.

I had believed for years it was IWU Student Support Services’ Jennie Conrad and then-Life Center Counseling’s (now Taylor University Psychology Professor) Dr. Vance Maloney who were the prime suspects. More on that in this post.

Over the years, numerous investigators reviewed and investigated the facts, completed interviews, and ran into as many dead ends as a wild global goose chase in the search for clues. For years, the Zinn family believed there was probable cause for the arrest and convictions for Jennie Conrad and Dr. Vance Maloney, yet a few senior consultants of yours truly simply were not confident in a convincing conviction.

Several investigations indicated Conrad and Maloney played a role in the dis-enrollment of yours truly, but the deaths of several key individuals halted the conviction process. If those critical witnesses and individuals were still alive there would have been a high probability to secure a conviction.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Margaret Zinn (1943-2002) was the mother of AZH Founder Ava Zinn, while Rick Renbarger (1953-2009), Vicki Little (1954-2013), and Carol Jones (1958-2002) were the first cousins of Ava Zinn.

Just a few months prior to moving from Marion to Fort Wayne in 2018, Aeverine Zinn Holdings sent the evidence from the IWU Cold Case to a top secret location and the evidence linked Renbarger and Little to the events of September 27, 2001 instead of Ms. Conrad and Dr. Maloney.

After months of hard work and help from an informant and consultants, I was able to zero in on Rick Renbarger and Vicki Little, yet able to rule out Jennie Conrad.

Meanwhile, a report about the IWU Housing Policy change reported by Ashley Lopez confirmed what yours truly, Ava Zinn, exposed some 18 years earlier her freshman year in the fall of 2001.

The consultants Aeverine Zinn Holdings obtained developed a probable cause to posthumously charge Margaret Zinn, Vicki Little, and Rick Renbarger with obstruction of justice through evidence, outstanding detective work and notable testimonies. The IWU Cold Case is awaiting confirmation to being resolved under the following conditions:

  • Enough evidence was gathered to support penalization to the offending party or parties.
  • A situation was encountered outside the control of Ava Zinn and/or Aeverine Zinn Holdings that would prohibit a member of Ava Zinn’s immediate family and/or Aeverine Zinn Holdings from confronting, penalizing, taking disciplinary action, persecution, prosecution, or taking legal action against the offender.

What Were the Next Steps (as far as Marion)?

In the fall of 2001, yours truly was living the Hoosier dream. I was starting to build a degree in Special Education and had the potential to building a successful teaching career, being a long-time Special Education student. But after my dis-enrollment from Indiana Wesleyan University, everything changed.

My search for another college that September afternoon grew into a nearly two decades long search for answers that are now been answered as early as May 14, 2018:

  • My own mother, Margaret Zinn, out of all people, hurt by three of my cousins, Carol Jones (1958-2002), Rick Renbarger (1953-2009), and Vicki Little (1954-2009) played a role in my dis-enrolled from IWU.
  • Had the new IWU Housing Policy been in place and had I have known about the policy requirement–I would have never even applied to that college and therefore, my dis-enrollment would have never even happened.

The Break After 17 Years

As the 906 weeks and 17 years went by with little progress on my IWU readmission that will now never happen thanks to the new IWU Housing Policy, in August of 2002, a woman (initially identified) I took to the Mississinewa 500, reportedly confessed to causing my dis-enrollment from IWU. It was the beginning of a whole new emotional roller coaster for yours truly, and assistance from Cornerstone/Grant Blackford Mental Health was needed after Dr. Maloney apparently screwed my education up and Vocational Rehabilitation would not offer a solution until January 19, 2018. It was also the beginning of a much bigger change that changed my family’s landscape forever.

Closure Delayed = Closure Denied

The death of my mother and suicide of my brother sat off at a dramatic domino effect and the Representative Payee Abuse that soon followed basically escalated financial problems that stemmed from not only my IWU dismissal and failing to find another college plus the deaths of my mother and brother.

Former Life Center Counseling psychologist Vance Maloney (now a Taylor University Psychology Professor) was at the forefront of the IWU-dismissal on September 27, 2001.

In September 2002, yours truly, then a 19 year-old man and my wife, then a 24 year old woman, had separated a month after Albert’s death, but reconciled in December 2003, after I came out as a transgednered lady and began socially transitioning on December 1, 2004 (thirteen years after I began my social transition, a fellow Mississinewa HS LGBT Alumnus from the Class of 2004 transitioned from female to male–medically and socially). But there was still no IWU readmission or a new college in place since the other options in Marion were either IVY Tech or Indiana Business College (now the defunct Harrison College), only made things only worse.

A Painful Mystery Remains

What may be the most bizarre twist in my dis-enrolment from Indiana Wesleyan University was after reviewing the September 27, 2001 letter over 1,000 times, the death of my mother, the suicide of my brother, and lack of overall support needed as early as my junior year of high school eventually made me hopeless to the point where I had to make a choice–commit suicide or transition to female. I chose the latter, obviously.

After coming out as transgender woman in 2004, reviewing the INFAMOUS 9/27/01 note and the IWU Housing Policy of 2019 now in place, I may have exposed IWU’s major weaknesses and intolerance 18 years later. Little did IWU Admissions know in 2000, that they had admitted the very first openly transgender student (and they may not be happy about it now, but they should be because it is Indiana LAW). IWU Admissions did not know anything about the LGBT Community until one of their alums–Erin Davis at Family Services Society effectively played a key role in getting the IWU Cold Case to near closure.

My dis-enrolment from IWU on September 27, 2001 was riddled with mistakes and missed opportunities, not because of a direct maliciousness towards me, but because like many small college towns with a big campus like Indiana Wesleyan University and mental health organisations like Cornerstone/Grant Blackford Mental Health. IWU held onto their pride, wanting to handle the case their way without regard to criticism until they released their new IWU Housing Policy.

It is a brokenhearted process for yours truly, who will never know what really happened and 100 percent why it happened and most importantly to bring justice.

What happens next?

AZH has posthumously citizen arrested Margaret Zinn (1943-2002); Rick Renbarger (1953-2009); Vicki Little (1954-2013); and Carol Jones (1958-2002). Their natural deaths provided justice.

As for Jennie Conrand, she may have been wrongfully pursued as the prime suspect as I had figured she wrote the 9/27 letter so I penalized her.

As for Dr. Vance Maloney, he may have been the kingpin conspirator of my dis-enrollment from IWU, but I was unable to rule him out as a suspect.

This story will be updated as more detailed information comes in.

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