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Bowen Center and Ava Zinn Reach Agreement; Negotiations with Park Center ongoing

Deal allows second mental health provider after opening Grant County location prior to Owner/CEO’s move

FORT WAYNE, IN – January 31, 2019 – Aeverine Zinn Holdings (AZH)/Aeverine “Ava” Frathleen (Zinn) Nieves has reached an agreement with Otis Bowen Mental Health Center (Bowen Center) to provide mental health services to AZH Employees, including yours truly, while at the same time Park Center, stands accused of breach of contract that led to an agreement with Bowen Center after Park Center breached a contract in December 2018.

“Although it took a year, we are pleased with the agreement we have been finally able reach with Bowen Center,” said AZH Owner/CEO Ava Zinn. “This is a great deal for our partners at Aeverine Zinn Holdings and a great deal for Bowen Center as a second option and/or second opinion for all AZH employees and consultants.”

Meanwhile just two miles eastbound on State Boulevard at Park Center, with a nine-month old contract between AZH and Park Center, a dispute has led Owner/CEO to temporarily suspend all services to Park Center as Park Center and Ava Zinn remain at odds over certain services provided to Ms. Zinn herself.

“Despite best efforts, Park Center has not engaged in meaningful negotiations with AZH. We unfortunately have experienced a disruption the second I received a letter that caused the “trauma trigger [of the three sexual assaults flashbacks]” and effectively causing the breach of contract I clearly believe could have easily been avoided if someone at Park Center only paid more attention. Unfortunately, I decided to not comply with Park Center after the ‘flagrant violation’ allegedly made by C.K. (all names at Park Center are initialized due to doctor-patient laws) by allowing a male named J.T. as the case coordinator, which violates the Agreement made on June 11, 2018,” Zinn added.

Park Center became the the first organization to break “Lynsey’s Policy”, of which is similar to the two-woman/transwoman-woman news anchor format, going into effect on January 4, 2007.

“We remain ready to continue negotiating with Park Center and hope that they will reach an agreement and resolve the issue in order to remain the partnership I have enjoyed with Park Center since June 11, 2018,” added AZH’s Owner/CEO. “I had personally asked CK to reconsider and have not heard anything since January 14 (aside from postponing a scheduled appointment that was set to take place on Monday [February 4]). The reason why I did not comply is nothing more than making sure all of the needs are in fact met and done properly without any problems, difficulties, or disruptions.”

This morning, yours truly made a difficult phone call to Park Center and able to postpone a previously scheduled appointment set for February 4 to April 9. So far, this is the only casualty in the Ava Zinn-Park Center dispute

New Details Learned In Relocation from Marion to Fort Wayne

Everyone in Marion and Grant County knows the pain after the 26′ U-Haul arriving on the South Side of Marion on May 14, 2018, were saddened to lose a great LGBT resident in Ava Zinn. While Fort Wayne, the LGBT community were excited to gain Fort Wayne’s Very Own LGBT Ava Zinn. As we approach the one year anniversary, Marion and Grant County has grieved while things in Fort Wayne got off to a bad start in nearly 25 years.

Last week, we learned from the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) that there has been a case of entrapment, a deal that went horribly wrong in both Marion and Fort Wayne. We had believed a deal with Park Center was in place and an easy transition would go smoothly.

We had been notified by Indiana FSSA via US Postal Mail that an employee from both Park Center in Fort Wayne and Grant Blackford Mental Health in Marion were involved in the deal that went horribly wrong that eventually caused an ongoing dispute with Park Center and that Bowen Center, which recently began serving residents in Grant County as of January 2018, reached an agreement with Fort Wayne’s Very Own LGBT Ava Zinn just weeks before relocating to Fort Wayne.

Words cannot describe the impact this new development as they process this information. Aeverine Zinn Holdings/Fort Wayne’s Very Own LGBT Ava Zinn is fully cooperating with Indiana FSSA and all involved.

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