Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group to revive "Queen of the Willis"
- August
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group to revive "Queen of the Willis"

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group announced today it will be reviving the popular LGBT-themed animated sitcom "Queen of the Willlis", "Hoosier Anchorwoman", and "QOTW" spinoff, "Deanna & Brandi".

In the wake of the big three networks reviving beloved comedy series, "Queen of the Willis" is coming back for a new installment on broadcast syndication with deals with NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations and DakMedia. Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group has given a 40-episode series order to Queen of the Willis, a revival of the 2006-2012 animated sitcom with creator and executive producer Ava Zinn set to return. Aeverine Zinn Holdings which was behind the original series, is the sole studio.

Zinn will reprise her role as the voice of famous gift saleswoman Aeverine "Ava" Willis, talking dog Tabitha "Tabby" Willis (formerly Timothy "Rags" Willis), talking cat Shushu Willlis, crustacean Heather Willis, fast-talking Anna Pamhouser and Fox 11 anchorman Zach Mullins; Kylie Dwyar will reprise her role as the voice of Quillsville 24 news anchor and wife of sex reassignment surgeon Melissa, Stephanie Rose; Alexandra Moffitt reprising her role as Tiffani Donovan and Ava's boss Tina Craven and Fox 11 anchorwoman Angela Stroup in Quillsville, Indiana as Queen of the Willis returns to a world of retail market, social media, and a very different political and cultural climate.

In 2014, Zinn said that she was having conversations about bringing Queen of the Willis back for a few episodes during the election year. Chatter about a Queen of the Willis revival restarted a year ago, around the time of Addison Agen and Christiana Danielle made their appearances on "The Voice",  with rumors about Zinn mulling an updated version to take on the new climate and holding informal meetings with Vote for the Girls USA staff and some of the show’s former writers to brainstorm ideas. At that time, the revival was just a notion. It was a slow process, but the project finally came together, with deals closing in early February. The animated revival will come on 5th anniversary of series creator Ava Zinn becoming a vegetarian. Queen of the Willis aired for six seasons, from 2006-12. The show was known for its satire and for reflecting LGBT culture in Indiana.

Because of QOTW's history on NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations, the pitch, accompanied by a finished script, was taken there first. NoSirGifts bought the revival pre-emptively, with Aeverine Zinn Holdings' Digital Media Group retaining full ownership based on the existing IP and high profile of the competitive package. The stepping up makes sense since Murphy Brown is a signature CBS show, as Will & Grace for NBC and the Roseanne revival for ABC, all airing on their original networks.

In the season six finale — appropriately titled “Nightmare Vacation,” in light of the upcoming revival — is a retelling of the 1983 film Sleepaway Camp, of which Queen of the Willis characters played the roles of the original film series.

In addition to creator, Zinn serves as executive producer of the revival through her Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group banner, with Karly Jameson also executive producing and serving as writer. The series, which likely will bring back more of the show’s original writers, has finished write and produce a pilot episode followed by the rest of the order.