Rocky Start in Fort Wayne
- July
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Rocky Start in Fort Wayne
Things have not been as an easy smooth sailing for Fort Wayne’s Very Own Ava Zinn (yours truly).
“The revenue for Aeverine Zinn Holdings and my income isn’t where it needs to be. I’m just barely hanging on a thread,” said yours truly, the webmaster herself and Owner/CEO of Aeverine Zinn Holdings. “Out of all of worst the times for this to happen, this is probably the worst possible if not THE WORST.”
Yours truly relocated with such a short notice and only had 90 days to beat a deadline imposed by the Fort Wayne Housing Authority and with a lack of backup funding after submitting the proper documents to the Social Security Office the same time as the former representative payee in Marion was terminated and forcing yours truly scrambling to find funding to survive but did incur a record of 10 late fees within two months of the move from Marion to Fort Wayne. 
My staff and my consultants at Aeverine Zinn Holdings as well as my friends and myself worked days, nights, weekends, holidays, to find problems before, during, and after the move; provided of which should be resolved by August 1, 2018.
Meanwhile, in Marion, friends and fans accustomed to the usual Pride Month and July 4 traditions found other offerings. That didn’t help. That actually hurt things and we didn’t need that. 
Here in Fort Wayne, the struggles may have been partly caused by the rush and a deadline to relocate from Marion to Fort Wayne. Another could be attributed to being forced to pay the security deposit in full on the move in day.
Yours truly announced on February 23 she was relocating to Fort Wayne after 22 years in Marion and 35 years in Grant County. 
The process usually takes months, but the approvals and documentations we done in days. “If anyone could have done this in 10 years and spent $21,000, it would been lightning fast. I don’t think anyone can do what Ava Zinn did,” Karly Jameson said. It was the failure of local (Marion) officials and business to offer Ava Zinn a fair resolution that led to Ms. Zinn accepting a deal to work, live and play in Fort Wayne. Ava’s move so early was “not the best decision for Ava personally, but a good Fort Wayne decision for Ava professionally,” Jameson said.
On July 5, 2018, yours truly gave Social Security a form stating Ava Zinn is able to manage her finances (something she has been doing all along all this time) but that process from representative payee to Ms. Zinn herself was not easy to obtain. Threats, intimidation, and worse case scenario likely bribery and forgery were needed in order to get the deed accomplished.
After some thought and consideration from the January 19, 2018 meeting at Vocational Rehabilitation office in Marion, I knew from that point forward that it was clear to me I had to make a move and very fast and clearly saw a better option that I think it’s best some people will never know…. The January 23, 2018 incident was the last straw and now  that organization lost the Representative Payee Rights possibly forever because I didn’t have any faith in their corrupted practices that I knew were unfair and that is why the organization is punished to the fullest extent in my power.

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