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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Returning to Marion as a visitor…

Over the past two weeks living at Brendonwood Park in Fort Wayne, I literally have taken back control of my life and while the folks I left behind in Marion are heartbroken to say the least, folks in Marion have to understand that this move was the right thing as well as the right decision.
I had a rough start as many of the habits and routines or even ordinances in Fort Wayne are entirely different than it was in Marion. This move may have taken four hours from start to finish. This quick move from Marion to Fort Wayne actually took me 10 years from the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute to May 14, 2018.
It was indeed a whole new ball game as I had to learn how to navigate through Fort Wayne (as I did in Marion whether it was by foot, by bike, or public transportation) as I only knew about the (Indiana State Road) 14 (Illinois Road)/(Interstate) 69 Auto Mall vicinity, US 24 (Jefferson Boulevard mostly), US 27 (Clinton and Lafayette Streets), Calhoun Street, and Petit Avenue.
I am relying more on offline maps and GPS until habits and routines in Fort Wayne become a habit.
Compared to Marion, Fort Wayne is in fact the right place for me and it was clear things just did not work out in Marion after everything I did to get a resolution such as finding another college or university to fill the void left by IWU (pretty much leaning towards Indiana Tech mostly), a chance to finally get closure after being corrupted by idiots at a Marion mental health clinic organization that actually turned me into an animal after repeated attempts to resolve some conflicts failed miserably and made my life hell for 16 years.
With my move to Fort Wayne, the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute’s repercussions in Marion were permanently resolved after more than 3,500 days (3510 to be exact from October 3, 2008), more flexibility as far as living conditions and transportation and even food securities (with some help from Food banks), much more to come when I see them.
As one person will tell you, “It was the failure of local (Marion) officials to give Ava Zinn (yours truly) a fair deal and a fair resolution that lead to live, work, and play in Fort Wayne. If this move was anything like the Baltimore Colts moving to Indianapolis nearly 35 years ago in 1984—you are correct.
Several challenges and issues such as paying the security deposit at Brendonwood Park in full and having to come up with funds as quickly as possible and doing so without disruptions and/or overdrafting my bank account.
I moved to Fort Wayne with a mission and that mission is very clear. That mission is to be the best in FWA.

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