Family Dollar on Western Avenue in Marion closing
- May
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Family Dollar on Western Avenue in Marion closing

The Family Dollar store on the Marion Bypass is going out of business and will be closed by the end of May.


UPDATED (5/6/2018):
LGBT Ava Zinn has new information from John Harbeson after seeing THIS POST and said on Facebook, “When I managed that Family Dollar store (at 1547 South Western) in 2016 to 2017 the landlord replaced all the damaged ceiling tiles after repairing several leaks that developed in the roof after a storm. All lighting and other repairs were to be done by Family Dollar as all other Family Dollar stores.
And yes, Dollar General is always busy compared to Family Dollar. A good example of this is (here) in Fairmount, we have a brand new Family Dollar and I was in it about two weeks ago, I was the only customer in the store and they did not have what I was looking for so I went to our brand new Dollar General (at 1702 East 900 South) and it was packed with people. It shows that the average customer prefers Dollar General over Family Dollar because of product selection, price, customer service, and above all, store cleanliness. My staff and I worked hard to keep the Western Avenue (Marion Bypass) Family Dollar in excellent condition, we kept our store totally clean and the only time you seen merchandise out on the floor in aisles was on our deliver days when we were stocking shelves not every day just sitting there like the other Family Dollar stores do. We received the highest marks from our corporate inspections and our many if our customer would drive to our store rather than shopping in their local Family Dollar because of the cleanliness of our store. It is sad they are closing only due to the lack of sales. And rest assured all the staff will be offered positions in the other locations as staff shortages are prevalent in them.”
By the end of May, Family Dollar will only have three locations in Marion (3201 South Adams, 907 East Bradford Street, and 321 West 3rd – all of them are former CVS/Pharmacy locations) because the Family Dollar store on Western Avenue will be out of business.
Located at 1547 South Western Avenue, the retail business has a big sign on the front saying “store closing.” Nothing more.
The manager and employees at the store declined to answer questions about the closing from Ava Zinn herself. They referred all questions to the corporate office.
In 2015, the Family Dollar chain was acquired by Dollar Tree.
In a Facebook comment from Sheena Yeakle on MARION SOCIAL MEDIA LGBT Ava Zinn posted, Yeakle said, “the rent went up and landlord won’t fix anything.”
LGBT Ava Zinn has sent a request for comment from Family Dollar’s corporate offices in Charolette, NC, but has yet to hear back.
On Friday once word got out, customers voiced their outrage and shock of the store’s closing.
One person said he or she heard that the Dollar General store just a half-mile north from the Family Dollar got more business than the Family Dollar.
“I’m just sorry to see it happen,” said another customer. “I’m sorry to see it happen for their (employees’) sake and the community’s sake.”
This story will be updated.

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