Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings move to Fort Wayne FAQ's
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Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings move to Fort Wayne FAQ's

UPDATED: May 21, 2018

We know a change like this brings a lot of confusion. The webmaster herself is here to help you through it.


The webmaster Ava Zinn herself will take questions on all digital media platforms to answer consumer questions and friend/family/fan concerns about the move to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The webmaster will add this section as we get new questions from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings moving from Marion to Fort Wayne?
A: Aeverine “Ava” Frathleen (Zinn) Nieves, known professionally as Ava Zinn is committed to retailing and digital media in all of Indiana’s 92 counties including Northeast and East Central Indiana home regions of Fort Wayne and Marion/Muncie, respectively, and Aeverine Zinn Holdings is the current d/b/a of Ava Zinn since 1999 as a sole proprietor. We’re LGBT people first and entrepreneurs second. According to the webmaster Ava Zinn herself, “the LGBT rights movement continues to change rapidly. I had to choose a service provider committed to preserving the future of LGBT people and I believe relocating to Fort Wayne positions me well for the future. It is clear to me that Fort Wayne’s Park Center understands the value that individuals bring to the entire LGBT community.”
Q: Did Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings get sold?
A: Aeverine Zinn Holdings did not get sold and is still owned and operated by Ava Zinn herself. On December 13, 2017, the Aeverine Zinn Holdings/Ava Zinn split was announced and the relocation from Marion to Fort Wayne did not play a role in this.
Q: Will Ava Zinn change her name?
A: No change in the name will be made until the webmaster’s gender transition is completed.
Q: Is Ava Zinn or Aeverine Zinn Holdings merging with another individual or business?
A: No, Ava Zinn did not merge with another individual, but since February 14, 2018, has been in a long-term relationship with Elisa Everman.
No, Aeverine Zinn is not merging with another business. Aeverine Zinn Holdings has been in business since November 1, 1999 and remains owned by Ava Zinn herself.
Q: Can you still contact Ava at AvaZinn.com, INNewsCenter, Vote for the Girls, Vape Back,, Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn?
A: Yes, Same web sites as before.
UPDATED 6/6/2018:
AvaZinn.com has seen rapid growth in the three weeks since the move to Fort Wayne. Within the first three weeks, AvaZinn.com saw an impressively phenomenal 1250% growth prior to the move.
Q: Are Aeverine Zinn Holdings and Ava Zinn’s consultants moving with Ava Zinn?
A: Aeverine Zinn Holdings, yes. Ava Zinn’s professional and personal consultants, many of them no and others yes.
UPDATED 6/6/2018:
As for the personal and professional consultants of Ava Zinn, many of them are making travel arrangements (whether it is by one’s personal vehicle or carpooling; by taxi; a hybrid of Marion City Transit, Greyhound, and Fort Wayne Citilink; by biking nearly 8 hours; or walking for 24 hours straight to pay a visit from Marion to Fort Wayne while Ava Zinn as a condition of her move has decided to keep the storage unit at Marion Storage at 1003 East Bradford Street in Marion as well as obtaining her first driver’s license within two years.
On June 1, 2018, The 31 year partnership and the 16 year Representative Payee Agreement with Ava Zinn and Grant Blackford Mental Health have ended as their very obscure policies did somehow play some role in this relocation (for Ava Zinn it’s for the right reasons; GBMHI officials, however, have admitted to and confessed to alleged wrongdoing) and Ava Zinn invited GBMHI to resign and they accepted under some conditions that will be disclosed in a later replease.
According to an unpublished survey performed by Ava herself, 97.2% of every participant surveyed said that “GBMHI officials and their practices as Representative Payee basically drove Ava out of Marion”; 48% of those participants said “GBMHI’s horribly broken system failed Ava MISERABLY as she needed help and did not get it (or if she got help, it was too late)”, 20% said “Ava was treated with extreme disrespect so bad GBMHI tried to turn Ava into a sex offender, a criminal, or like an animal instead of a human being”, 13% said “GBMHI really messed Ava up so bad beyond repair, Ava went through 16 years of emotional, financial, and just as much abuse just as much as Jennifer in a 2007 episode of “Dr. Phil” (name of episode “Obsessive Love”)” and 10% said all of the above while 9% said Ava Zinn was right to walk away.
As for Aeverine Zinn Holdings, the people you know on Vote for the Girls (Alexx Moffitt, Karly Jameson, Breeanna Sorensen, Jenna Monroe, etc.) are staying with Vote for the Girls because VFTG is owned and operated by the Digital Entertainment Division of Aeverine Zinn Holdings and already in Fort Wayne.
Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn, however, still has some bugs and issues to work out in Marion in addition to the new Fort Wayne location as part of the relaunch of Aeverine Zinn Holdings.
Ava Zinn’s consultants, on the other hand, as they are now separate from Aeverine Zinn Holdings a few will move with Ava while a majority likely will not be moving with Ava. Stay tuned for more information.
Q: Will I need to make travel arrangements to visit Ava or Aeverine Zinn Holdings in person?
A: UPDATED (5/7/2018) Ava Zinn has decided to hire a special delivery person after obtaining two moving quotes as of March 31, 2018:

  1. ESTIMATE #1: $900 – PODS at $800 plus Greyhound Bus Ticket One Way from Marion to Fort Wayne
  2. ESTIMATE #2:
    Updated (5/14/2018) Ava Zinn posted a job on Facebook as well as AZHCareers.AvaZinn.com and it was Michelle Bradford who beat out 7 other candidates.
    $450 overall – UHaul (via Ava Zinn): Ava Zinn herself paid $156 (plus gas and food) for the round trip rental from Fort Wayne to Marion. Ava was only off by only 85 cents (one mile difference) and paid $156. Michelle was paid $270 total.

Unfortunately, Marion and Fort Wayne are at least 50 miles apart (depending on your location).
If you would like to help Ava Zinn in moving from Marion to Fort Wayne, please contact Ava Zinn by going to the contact page, Email her at aeverinezinn@icloud.com or aeverinezinn@avazinn.com, sending a tweet or a facebook message to her @aeverinezinn for more information.
As Ava Zinn herself currently does not have adequate and reliable transportation and she is currently taking steps necessary to finally alleviate the long-standing transportation issue of obtaining her first driver’s license and a vehicle after nearly 20 years.
Q: Will the services change locations or times?
A: UPDATED (May 21 and June 15, 2018): Aeverine Zinn Holdings and Fort Wayne’s Very Own Ava Zinn has officially reached an agreement with Park Center in Fort Wayne under the condition that they provide the same services Ava Zinn is currently getting (with the exception of representative payee as it will likely be moved from GBMHI to either Ava herself or a blind trust). Sources of Ava Zinn tell her that these particular services at the East State Boulevard location are superior than Marion. The first Park Center appointment occurred on June 11.

Original Post: Locations yes, times unlikely or uncommon.
As of March 30, 2018, Ava Zinn is currently in negotiations with several Fort Wayne agencies.
The food banks and food pantries will change. The final food pantry in Marion was Homeland Mission on May 11, 2018. The first food pantry in Fort Wayne was Franciscian Center on East MapleGrove Road on May 24, 2018.
The services Park Center and Parkview Health are already providing to staff at Aeverine Zinn Holdings will likely provide the current (or even more) services and opportunities that Ava Zinn is getting at GBMHI and MGH and was getting from Carey Services and Vocational Rehabilitation.
Q: Will there be the same stores in Marion available in Fort Wayne?
A: This has been updated a bit.
Walmart, Meijer, CVS, Walgreens, ALDI, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, TJ Maxx, Pet Smart, Speedway, Big Lots, AutoZone, Sunoco, O’Riley Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts, have locations in both Marion and Fort Wayne.
New Stores available to Fort Wayne are: Lassus Handy Dandy, Murphy USA, Target, and Office Depot as they have locations in Fort Wayne and the latter three are available in Muncie.
Although Ruler Foods has locations in Marion and Muncie, Kroger has a location at a former Marsh location in Muncie under the Pay Less banner while Kroger has several locations in Fort Wayne.
Cloud City Vapes, Vapor Mill, and SMOkes are only available in Marion. Needler’s Food Market (formerly Marsh) and Village Pantry has a location in Marion but does not have any locations in Fort Wayne.  Concannon’s is only in Muncie and no longer delivers to convenience stores in the area. Staples and Home Depot formerly had locations in both Marion and Fort Wayne, but the former no longer have stores in either vicinity while the latter has one location in Fort Wayne while the Marion location permanently closed in 2008 and is current location of Big R.
A majority of the stores Ava Zinn goes to in Marion should not change with some exceptions. Ava Zinn did some research in 2012 that many of the stores and restaurants in Marion like Walmart, Meijer, Aldi, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Staples (before its Marion location closed) was still available in Fort Wayne until January 2018.
Q: What is the last Marion store Ava will visit?
A: The first store was the now permanently closed Marsh #32, 4512 South Adams in Marion (back in November of 1983).
The unofficial last store in Marion was Philips 66 Mini-Mart on the morning of May 14, 2018 (not Ruler Foods). Officially, Pilot Flying J was the final Marion store on May 31, 2018. There was an opportunity for the Marion community to say farewell to Ava Zinn and the Fort Wayne community to welcome “Fort Wayne’s Very Own LGBT Ava Zinn.”
However, there was some contractual obligations Ava Zinn must adhere to on June 7 (a med clinic and the final doctors appointment in Marion) as well as keeping a storage unit at Marion Storage for the foreseeable future in addition to a new Fort Wayne storage unit.
Q: What is the very first store Ava will visit as a Fort Wayne resident?
A: At 3:00 PM March 25, 2018, the first Fort Wayne store is confirmed to be Lassuss Handy Dandy #10 at the intersection of Paulding Road and US 27 (Lafayette Street) as first store Ava goes to as a Fort Wayne resident.

Q: Where will I find my favorite Aeverine Zinn Holdings web sites, like Vote for the Girls, INNewsCenter?
A: All of the web sites currently owned by Ava Zinn and moving to Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ Digital Media Group Subsidiary will stay right where it always has been with one exception–Vote for the Girls USA. The Vote for the Girls USA web site has moved from VotefortheGirls.us to VFTGUSA.AvaZinn.com and has been there since December 2017.
Q: What happens to the proposed Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn in Marion?
A: The vape shop and vegetarian buffet hybrid known as Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn (logo reads as “Zinn Ava’s Vape Bar & Grill”) is staying put in Marion as well as a storage unit Ava Zinn is currently renting from Marion Storage, 1033 East Bradford Street in Marion. Another Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn location will be in Fort Wayne as a result of the relocation.
The Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn web site can be found at VapeGrill.AvaZinn.com. The official web site will serve as the e-commerce version of Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn in addition to the brick-and-mortar version of Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn in Marion and Fort Wayne.
Q: What will this mean for Vote for the Girls, INNewsCenter, Vape Back!, AvaZinn.com?
A: AvaZinn.com will continue to be located at the main AvaZinn.com URL, because AvaZinn.com is the official web site of Ava Zinn and Aeverine Zinn Holdings.
INNewsCenter will continue to be located at INNewsCenter.AvaZinn.com with a redirect from AvaZinn.com/innewscenter.
Vape Back! with Ava Zinn will continue to be located at VapeBack.AvaZinn.com.
Vote for the Girls, however, is on a country-by-country basis. The British (Vote for the Girls UK) and Australian (Vote for the Girls Australia) versions formerly hosted on VoteForTheGirls.co.uk and VoteForTheGirlsAustralia.com respectively are permanently closed and was to be sold to British and Australian interests as they have completed their domestic runs and Ava Zinn will provide the logo and assistance due to the Vote for the Girls format being created by Ava Zinn.
The American version, however, will still be available and Ava Zinn will remain host, webmaster, and executive producer of Vote for the Girls USA and as of August 2018 will be known as “Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn & Alexandra Moffitt”. The American Version has moved from VoteForTheGirls.us to VFTGUSA.AvaZinn.com.
Update (5/8/2018): The British adaptation of Vote for the Girls is being revived and is returning in the fall of 2019.
The Vote for the Girls digital media international franchise (web site, YouTube channels, digital platforms) will remain owned and operated by the Digital Media Subsidiary of Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ Digital Entertainment Division and will be respectively produced and distributed by Aeverine Zinn Productions and Aeverine Zinn Digital Media/Television Distribution. Aeverine Zinn Productions and Aeverine Zinn Digital Media/Television will be in the Entertainment Subsidiary of Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ Digital Entertainment Division.
Q: What will all this mean for Ava Zinn? How will this affect Ava Zinn and Aeverine Zinn Holdings? I’m really f**king confused!
A: Aeverine Zinn Holdings has been in business since November 1, 1999 and was founded by Ava Zinn. Ava Zinn remains the Founder, Owner/CEO, and Principal Webmaster. Aeverine Zinn Holdings will go from a sole proprietor to a combined Limited Liability Company and Ava Zinn will be the sole incorporator as AEVERINE ZINN HOLDINGS, LLC, Incorporated.
As far as bank accounts and credit cards are concerned, Ava Zinn will still likely bank at Afena Federal Credit Union in Marion, Indiana and has also served as the primary bank account of Aeverine Zinn Holdings since September 2003 in addition to personal credit cards owned by Ava Zinn to handle Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ expenses since 1999. Ava Zinn has currently has no plans to close any of these accounts for any reason. She is still working on this and other issues that are still being resolved in the weeks and months to come.
Since 2002 until the relocation was announced, Ava Zinn has had a very volatile and contentious relationship with the current representative payee (revealed to be a local mental health organization in Marion, Indiana) that really does not understand that Ava Zinn has certain rules and obligations that Ava Zinn herself must abide by to ensure all of the basic necessities for both Ava Zinn herself and Aeverine Zinn Holdings are met. Over the years Ava Zinn herself has had to find funding (even using Ava Zinn’s  SSI (Supplemental Security Income) funds) to make up for the shortfalls in order to grow and expand both Aeverine Zinn Holdings (as a business) and Ava Zinn herself personally as a transgendered woman. The Representative Payee Agreement with GBMHI ended on June 7, 2018 (officially terminated on June 30, 2018) and is in the process of being moved to either Ava Zinn herself (for the first time ever, pending approval and promises to appeal the denial if someone other than Ava Zinn herself ends up being the new Representative Payee) or to a blind trust to be determined (likely someone Ava Zinn herself has decided to hire over any organization as she has determined that Park Center serving as a representative payee will not be feasible as it will likely do more harm than good).
Increased scrutiny, too many restrictions, too many disruptions, undue hardship, a fateful cable television dispute in October 2008, a burglary in January 2018 and incident in March 2017, and the complete failure of folks Marion all lead to the now necessary relocation to Fort Wayne. Another reason is the IWU Dismissal of 2001 and the likely college or university to replace IWU is to be announced and one step closer to being resolved.
The relocation is another reason for the Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings split is absolutely necessary in order to to ensure both Ava Zinn as a person and Aeverine Zinn Holdings as a business does succeed and without any problems, disruptions, or any limits or restrictions of any kind for any reason whatsoever–even weather or power outages.
As mentioned in the Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings split In an effort to reduce Ava Zinn’s personal debt, she has explored the option of effectively selling the $22,500 credit card debt Ava Zinn has accumulated (as a result of the now former Representative Payee) to Aeverine Zinn Holdings. The now-former representative payee and opponents believe this is illegal and is considered fraud. Many of the personal credit cards Ava Zinn currently uses can be upgraded from personal (under Ava Zinn’s legal name) to business (under the Aeverine Zinn Holdings account). It remains to be seen how all of this will be worked out, but as Ava Zinn has seen based on her own observations and watching enough “Kitchen Nightmares” (American and British versions) and “Hotel Hell”, it is feasible and doable. Aeverine Zinn Holdings will be working on this and other issues addressed from the Ava Zinn/Aeverine Zinn Holdings split that are still be resolved in the months to come.
Bottom line, Ava Zinn and Aeverine Zinn Holdings will have separate bank accounts respectively at AFENA FCU (assuming arrangements are made prior to relocating and the decision to keep the storage unit in Marion should not affect the bank account at AFENA) for personal/home banking and either Midwest America FCU, Partners First FCU (pending final approval) for professional/business banking. Afena only has two locations in Marion and none in Fort Wayne while Partners First has one branch in Marion and several branches in Fort Wayne.
UPDATE (6/15/2018): In the event should Ava Zinn gain the Representative Payee rights from GBMHI, Ms. Zinn has vowed to serve as Representative Payee and offer additional services at no extra cost. Although considered to be illegal, Ms. Zinn will charge a monthly fee of $20 to serve as a representative payee plus more services to come.
Q: How will this affect Ava Zinn? And will Aeverine Zinn Holdings and Ava Zinn now be from the same facility?
A: Since Ava Zinn has been the Owner/CEO of Aeverine Zinn Holdings since 1999, Ava Zinn is currently the sole paid employee of Aeverine Zinn Holdings as Aeverine Zinn Holdings lacks the funding to expanding the Aeverine Zinn Holdings team to transition Aeverine Zinn Holdings into a full-fledged woman-owned and LGBT-owned disadvantaged business. Ava Zinn and Aeverine Zinn Holdings will continue to operate from the same facility for the foreseeable future until further notice.
Q: Who decides Aeverine Zinn Holdings at the company level? Does Ava Zinn have any influence on that?
A: Absolutely! All of Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ overall decisions made by Ava Zinn are final. All of Ava Zinn’s personal decisions are made by Ava Zinn herself in Northeast and East Central Indiana.
Q: Will Ava Zinn still host “Vote for the Girls”?
A: Vote for the Girls USA, Yes. Vote for the Girls UK and Vote for the Girls Australia, No.
Ava Zinn will remain host, creator, webmaster, and executive producer of Vote for the Girls USA. However, Ava Zinn is still credited as the creator of Vote for the Girls UK and Vote for the Girls Australia but Ava Zinn is no longer the host, webmaster, and executive producer of the British and Australian versions of Vote for the Girls, but remains focused on the main American version.
UPDATED (5/8/2018): Ava Zinn will revive her role as the host of Vote for the Girls UK.
Q: Will Ava Zinn still host “Vape Back”?
A: Yes. Ava Zinn will still host and remain webmaster of Vape Back and all of Ava’s E-Liquids from Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn will also be tested on Vape Back as well as other E-liquids.
However, Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn and Vape Back will cross-promoted.
Q: Will INNewsCenter stay with Ava Zinn?
A: Yes. Ava Zinn will still remain the webmaster of INNewsCenter. Ava Zinn has made some big changes and bigger than ever.
Q: What about the Ava Zinn and Aeverine Zinn Holdiongs website?
A: AvaZinn.com has seen explosive growth in recent years and is one of the fastest-growing news websites in Northeast Indiana and East Central Indiana. The site grew by 20 percent in 2016 as users turned to it for updated information from across Marion/Muncie. The Aeverine Zinn Holdings site, however, will also be accessed through AvaZinn.com.
Bottom line: the web sites owned and operated by Aeverine Zinn Holdings and managed by Ava Zinn or by one of her staff at Aeverine Zinn Holdings is are not going anywhere.

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