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Statement regarding January 26, 2018 incident involving naked man

Ladies, gentlemen, transgender ladies and transgender gentlemen of my friends, fans, and colleagues:

WEBMASTER’s NOTE: Aeverine “Ava” (Zinn) Nieves currently lives in the immediate vicinity.  The incident Friday is unrelated to a similar incident on Tuesday January 23 (as unlike Friday’s incident, the January 23 incident was a justified incident to taking corrective measures after an alleged unlawful residential entry).
Tonight (January 26, 2018), almost six hours ago, I was alerted by one of my neighbours about inappropriate conduct in the apartment complex that houses yours truly and to a lesser extent Aeverine Zinn Holdings.
In consulting with that particular neighbor and the landlady, it was the best to detain the “naked guy” (identified by yours truly as a longtime neighbor Mark) rather than making a citizen’s arrest until police arrived.
While it was not the first time I’ve heard about this particular behavior that I’ve seen over my 25 years of retailing and 19 years of my webmastering career. I will say out of all sincerity, it was probably one of the sickest (if not THE SICKEST) sights I’ve seen in my personal and professional career.
My highest priority for both my family and my staff and consultants at Aeverine Zinn Holdings and to some extent, my neighbours, fans, friends, and their significant others/families is to create an appropriate environment where everyone feels safe, protected, and secure.
There are certain rules and obligations I’ve personally have adopted since my company started in 1999, in my role as the founder, Owner/CEO, and Principal Webmaster of Aeverine Zinn Holdings that I must comply by in order be a legitimate tenant (personal/resident as far as yours truly and/or commercial/business for Aeverine Zinn Holdings) and my compliances and standards department staff I work with make sure things are done properly.
However, in recent months and years, there have been times where certain consultants and staff I work with not to do something I ask of until my consent is given and when I say “You may not do (name of task or something I ask) until I give you the okay to do” it means exactly nothing more than that.
Additionally, a second priority for myself and for Aeverine Zinn Holdings is to create a secure environment to make sure our everyone and every item at every single venue owned and/or operated by Aeverine Zinn Holdings and myself are in fact safe and protected by implanting additional security measures including security guards 24/7, metal detectors, surveillance cameras, etc. I understand that is is not a very popular decision with many individuals or my staff at this time, but after countless senseless acts of workplace violence and thefts, the time has come to implement beefed up security at every single venue owned and/or operated by Aeverine Zinn Holdings and/or manages by yours truly in order to ensure that any actions that contravenes to the core values of Aeverine Zinn Holdings and/or yours truly, Aeverine “Ava” Frathleen (Zinn) Nieves, my family, my children and grandchildren are truly met with consequences, no matter who the offender.
As a resident and entrepreneur living in the city of Marion, Indiana, my family, my cousins (Linda, Sharon, Patricia, Robert, and half-cousin Regina), and I are disgustingly repulsively sickened by this turn of events following an irrelevant and unrelated August 2017 stabbing.
As a 35 year old woman of my word I made several personal promises I vowed to my mother (then as a 19 year old man) in May 2002 I would keep and I’ve fulfilled the honours I inherited from a World Ward II veteran (my father), a homemaker, an auto mechanic (my brother, Albert), and we as a family, friends, fans, and colleagues will move forward and face this both personally as a family (with my children, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren) and as a retail and digital media holdings conglomerate (with my staff whether they’ve been with my company since November 1, 1999, a Moderator or Villain on Vote for the Girls USA, Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn, or any division or subsidiary of Aeverine Zinn Holdings) — and with the power of myself and my company do this as transparent a manner as we can like we did in past incidents. To that end, Karly (Jameson), Alexandra (Moffitt), Maribel (Mort), several of my closest friends I’ve known for over 20-25 years, and I will be meeting, talking, or chatting online with many of you as possible throughout the remainder of January and throughout the months of February and March to answer questions you may have.
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