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Aeverine Zinn Holdings, Marion Police Investigate Burglary Case Involving Ava Zinn and local mental health organization

Marion, Indiana, January 26, 2018 – AEVERINE “AVA” FRATHLEEN (ZINN) NIEVES, known professionally as “Ava Zinn”, the founder, owner/CEO, and webmaster of Aeverine Zinn Holdings announced Friday to release details of a burglary incident between Ava Zinn (victim) and a local mental health organization (employees are potential suspects and/or persons of interest).
This press release is a complete and comprehensive summary of facts known to both Ms. Zinn and to the Marion Police Department as of 9:00 a.m. January 26, 2018.
On the late morning of January 23, 2018 between 9:00 and 12:30 hours (9 am and 12:30 pm), a burglary identified as a residential entry occurred at the home of Ava Zinn and the current headquarters of Aeverine Zinn Holdings. This residential entry crime committed by one or more employees at the local mental health organization is actively being investigated by Ms. Zinn and to an extent the local (Marion, Indiana) police department. The information contained in this press release is subject to change. Additional details will be released as they become available.
On the Tuesday afternoon of January 23, 2018, Ms. Zinn contacted Marion Police via the non-emergency telephone number and not the emergency number (911) at approximately 1:30 pm (13:30 hours) with Marion Police Officer A. Bowell (#161) responding to and arriving at approximately 14:30 hours (2:30 pm) to take a report of a residential burglary entry with theft by one or several employees from a mental health organization earlier that particular Tuesday morning when Ms. Zinn was running errands earlier that morning in order to fulfill her personal and family obligations in addition to performing her job duties as the owner/chief executive officer (CEO), founder and principal webmaster of Aeverine Zinn Holdings, including all divisions and subsidiaries.
Ms. Zinn, upon returning home, took corrective measures and immediately took action including but not limited to: (1) confronting at least three to no more than seven identified employees of the mental health organization they are in violation of Indiana law and Ms. Zinn did not placed the named suspect(s) under citizen’s arrest for burglary (it was confirmed by two unidentified witness and neighbours to be identified at a later date of Ms. Zinn’s that an employee had gained access to Ms. Zinn’s home with a key without Ms. Zinn being present) and an employee attempted to gain entry to Ms. Zinn’s home and another undidentified witness and long-time neighbour to be identified at a later date alerted Ms. Zinn (that particular neighbour knew something was horribly wrong according to a statement) and the first and only attempt to call 911 was unsuccessful (as Ms. Zinn does not have a such a feature as her home phone was repossessed in September 2017). At that point, Ms. Zinn, acting like a police officer, jumped into a dumpster known as dumpster diving (this is not illegal in the state of Indiana) in an attempt to retrieve several items that possible suspect(s), or the mental health employee(s) had wrongfully thrown into the dumpster without the consent of Ms. Zinn; therefore Ms. Zinn’s actions were justified under Indiana’s Stand Your Ground Law in an attempt to recover the items that were thrown out of which were later reveled to be either be replaced, salvageable, and/or successfully recovered to prevent additional significant loss; (2) possible suspect(s)/employee(s) attempted to convince Ms. Zinn to stop the recovery efforts for safety reasons in their opinion and Ms. Zinn was justified in ignoring their demands because of the thoughtless actions of the possible suspect(s)/employee(s) that caused Ms. Zinn to take the necessary corrective measures in an effort to recover any potential stolen items of which a majority were, in fact, recovered by Ms. Zinn while others had to be replaced immediately and at the very first available opportunity (Ms. Zinn spent most of the the morning, afternoon, and night of January 24, 2018 to get the items replaced and filing insurance claims although Ms. Zinn currently does not have renter’s insurance); (3) it is important to note that Ms. Zinn’s life was in danger and did not have resort to using deadly and/or lethal force to resolve the conflict, but the closest thing to such was the fact Ms. Zinn was very close to committing suicide and throwing an empty glass jar onto the ground that did break upon impact and eventually informed possible suspect(s)/employee(s) they had still violated the law and considered adding trespassing charges as well as taking appropriate legal action in a court of law identified as possibly small claims court (the maximum amount is $6,000 plus court costs) in Grant Superior Court 3 in the amount of $10,000 to $25,000, the former amount is the fine residential entry, defined as a Level 6 felony in the State of Indiana (IC 35-43-2-1.5).
Among the items that were illegally thrown into the dumpster were: (1) two garbage cans (32 and 35 gallon cans) that were full of st  eel cans Ms. Zinn had saved and collected in order to trade them for cash at a local Omni Source (Ms. Zinn had learned the Marion location was permanently closed in late 2017, and therefore the nearest Omni Source location available is either in Muncie or Fort Wayne but Ms. Zinn since 2002 did not have appropriate/adequate transportation to deliver the cans to either location and had been in the process of getting her first driver’s license (by first renewing her learner’s permit and taking the necessary steps needed to do so) while concurrently at the same time attempt to obtain a 2003 Pontiac Aztek for $1200 to finally resolve the transportation issue once and for all after Ms. Zinn does in fact obtain her first driver’s license—as a result of the thoughtless acts of the possible suspect(s)/employee(s) of the mental health organization, it is (or will be if not already sold to someone else) implied that Ms. Zinn did not get the vehicle as a result). The steel cans, contrary to the allegations of an employee of the mental health organization, were recovered and will remain outside of Ms. Zinn’s home at the present time; (2) a 20 year old crock pot that still works was recovered; (3) a majority of important personal documents (including Ms. Zinn’s notes, evidence, etc.) were recovered while others were not recovered successfully; (4) a Pasta Boat Ms. Zinn bought from Meijer #153 five years ago was recovered; (5) several SD and micro SD cards were unsuccessfully recovered as they considered valuable electronics; (6) a battery charger that was not recovered; (7) various electrolysis equipment, including needle-nose tweezers that was not recovered and was eventually replaced as of 19:19 hours (7:19 pm) on the evening of January 23, 2018 and an additional pair Ms. Zinn obtained from Saint Martin’s Food Pantry the following afternoon of January 24, 2018; (8) a Lowe’s 36 inch wooden yardstick that was found to be broken by the carelessness of the possible suspect(s)/mental health employee(s) as Ms. Zinn uses this as an independent contractor of WeGoLook, and replaced as of 19:57 hours (7:57 pm) January 23, 2018 from Walmart #1294 and 17:01 hours (5:01 pm) January 25, 2018 from Lowe’s #211 were fully replaced; (9) a Vivitar digital camera/camcorder used for Aeverine Zinn Holdings digital entertainment was not recovered and will be replaced as of between January 30 and February 2, 2018 after having being ordered from Amazon on January 24, 2018 as well as; (10) additional items including jewelry and various valuable items in addition to items of sentimental value.
Ms. Zinn conducted her own initial investigation and were able to identify at least two employees of mental health organization as possible suspects and/person(s) of interest involved according to Ms. Zinn’s initial investigation. Upon Marion Police Officer Bowell’s arrival, Ms. Zinn was on the telephone with another employee of the mental health organization and unbeknownst to that particular employee did somehow accuse Ms. Zinn of filing a false report to the mental health organization (of which that particular action is clearly justified action as well as a method of self-defense). Ms. Zinn was able to obtain the case number of this incident should additional incidents occur.
Ms. Zinn then informed her staff at her D/B/A Aeverine Zinn Holdings and both personal and professional consultants about this incident (whether it was in person, by telephone, or online including social media). In addition, because the possible suspects and persons of interests are employed by the mental health organization, Ms. Zinn filed a complaint via telephone to the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions’ consumer hotline at approximately 15:30 hours (3:30 pm) on the afternoon of January 25, 2018 and spoke to Lexi who took Ms. Zinn’s phone call that Wednesday afternoon.
At the present time, all of the information from Ms. Zinn’s investigation shall be forwarded to the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction, the Marion Police Department (specifically to Captain Amber Richards, a longtime personal friend and classmate of Ms. Zinn’s) who will then forward their investigation to the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office for potential charges to be filed with the likely possibility one or more of the mental health employees facing charges of residential entry, theft, and/or burglary as well as Ms. Zinn likely facing no other charges other than disorderly conduct (of which she will plead no contest to should she make a plea bargain with the Prosecutor’s office). All possible charges are pending.
This case will remain under investigation. Ms. Zinn herself and Aeverine Zinn Holdings will fully cooperate with the Marion Police Department, the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions and other organizations involved while Ms. Zinn and Aeverine Zinn Holdings are going through this difficult time.
Ms. Zinn (via Aeverine Zinn Holdings) will personally offer a $1,000 reward in the form of a credit at Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn or any other venue owned by the Aeverine Zinn Retail Venues division of Aeverine Zinn Holdings for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the suspect(s) or equivalent to be determined by Ms. Zinn herself.

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