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Ava Zinn now a WeGoLook Independent Contractor in Marion, Indiana

Do you remember the last time Ava Zinn secured outside employment (not counting Aeverine Zinn Holdings) and being employed, back in 2009, when Ava Zinn was officially hired by Jennefer Reed and Jackie Dickersson at Carey Services?   Well, that’s a bit like what’s happened on December 22, 2017.  Ava Zinn is officially employed as a WeGoLook Independent Contractor in Marion, Indiana.  There are a lot of questions about this, and as the webmaster of AvaZinn.com I thought I would answer them for you here:
Who and What is WeGoLook?  WeGoLook is an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma based mobile technology company featuring a crowdsourced platform of 30,000+ “Lookers”, including Ava Zinn, nationwide to complete on-demand field services, including inspections and custom tasking. WeGoLook agents, known as “Lookers”​, collect field data, photos, and video via the WeGoLook mobile app and/or complete custom tasking, such as item pickup, delivery, document research and more. WeGoLook specializes in verifying autos, properties, boats, heavy equipment, antiques, electronics, furniture, RV’s and other assets. Ava Zinn is now one WeGoLook’s 30,000+ independent contractors in the United States, and WeGoLook has expanded to international markets, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia with other countries soon to follow.
What does a WeGoLook Independent Contractor or “Looker” Do?   A WeGoLook Independent Contractor helps businesses and individuals gather and validate information anytime, anywhere. As the Looker in Marion/Muncie, Ava Zinn is playing a critical role in this process by completing tasks (called “Looks”) requested by customers in the Marion/Muncie, Indiana radio market and soon Fort Wayne, Indiana. There are many types of Looks, but they generally fall in one of the following categories as follows:

  • Inspections: Vehicles, properties, equipment, scenes, and more
  • Document Services:Document signing, collection, notarization, and more
  • Assessments: Identifying risk, documenting damage, adjusting for loss
  • Pickup and Delivery: Item retrieval,courier services, and custom tasks

What about Aeverine Zinn Holdings?  Ava Zinn still owns and operates Aeverine Zinn Holdings and in the midst of a major personal/professional split. Aeverine Zinn Holdings and Ava Zinn is staying put.
When did Ava Zinn get hired as a WeGoLook Independent Contractor?  At 9:00 AM, December 22, 2017.

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