Aeverine Zinn Digital Entertainment’s Interactive suspends production of “VOTE FOR THE GIRLS” after 7 deaths in 2017 (EXCLUSIVE)
- December
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Aeverine Zinn Digital Entertainment’s Interactive suspends production of “VOTE FOR THE GIRLS” after 7 deaths in 2017 (EXCLUSIVE)

Read Aeverine Zinn Holdings Owner/CEO and Principal Webmaster Ava Zinn’s statement in full below:
A short time ago we decided to indefinitely suspend production of “Vote for the Girls USA” effective at 3:01 AM Eastern Time December 19, 2017. The decision was made by me to indefinitely suspend VFTGUSA after being alerted about a car accident that took the lives of Ted Shields, Glenn Swaringen, and Diane Simon on the early morning hours of December 14. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families. A second factor in the decision was four other moderator deaths on the VFTG set on three occasions with the fatal heart attack of Perri Johnson, the suicide of Holly Everman, and the stabbing deaths of Benjamin Donbar and Peta-Alyce Kaizer. A third factor in the decision was my decision to spin all of my web sites, including and to from yours truly to my company’s  Digital Media Division’s Interactive Subsidiary of Aeverine Zinn Holdings, LLC I announced on December 13 followed the revelation of disturbing and intolerable losses said to have revolved since the sixth season of “The Voice USA” which the infamous Josh Kaufman won and hopeful that on the “The Voice USA 13” grand finale Addison Agen’s potential victory.
Despite ongoing progress in ensuring the websites currently owned by me to be spun off to Aeverine Zinn Holdings, there is absolutely nothing more important, in this or any retailing and digital media holdings company’s organization, than ensuring a safe, professional workplace-a supportive environment where people feel they can do their best work. We need to be such a place. We have beefed up security measures by adding armed security guards across all of Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ venues including all facilities.
Over my nearly 25 years of retailing and 18 years of webmastering I’ve often heard that things used to be different. And no one may be able to correct the past. But what may once have been accepted back in the day should not ever have been acceptable.
Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ Digital Entertainment Interactive Subsidiary’s flagship and my official web site ( has reported on extraordinary revelations at not just Vote for the Girls but other media companies in recent years. The credibility in that retailing and digital media requires credibility managing basic standards of behavior. That is only part of the reason I’ve decided to have taken these actions that are now necessary at this time.
Let’s please remember our obligations to each other as colleagues. I will personally as my obligation as the Owner/CEO, Founder and Principal Webmaster of AZH, make arrangements with my human resources department in all divisions and subsidiaries just as I’ve always done since the launch of AZH (as well as the relaunch of AZH) today and every day, and we are organizing more personal and direct training.
It sickens me to the point I’ve potentially may be diagnosed with anorexia as I was forced to go on a hunger strike on a number of occasions and like any losing moderator and/or villain on VFTGUSA, perform tedious tasks and brutal punishments for failure in verybrutal and humiliating conditions. To say the least, I’m embarrassed while at the same time more than disappointed and angry that my staff at my company and my consultants I do business with on a personal and professional level were victimized by these incidents caused by perpetrators, bullies, deadbeat customers (customers who don’t pay what they owe) by nothing more than what appears to have been nothing more than classic cases of workplace violence between my employees and my consultants (this level of workplace violence and workplace conflict has been extremely volatile in 2017 alone, this entrepreneur has had to include and incorporate workplace violence onto a business plan—something most businesses don’t even consider)-and that even people not connected with these events, such as my consultants could see their hard work undermined. If all of us commit to the best behavior and the best work – that is what we can be known for.

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