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Posted By : Kym Alvaraz
Ava Zinn's American Idol 14 Picks (Vote for the Girls' Team Ava & Kymberly)

Ava and Kymberly have made their American Idol 14 picks as follows.
Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Sarina-Joi Crowe
  2. Loren Lott
  3. Lovey James
  4. Adanna Duru
  5. Jackie “JAX” Cole
  6. Katherine Winston
  7. Maddie Walker
  8. Alexis Gomez
  9. Shannon Berthiaume

After some adjustments made, my American Idol 14 picks are as follows:
The Best of Worst Picks are for Ava & Kymberly: Tyanna Jones
However, Ava & Kymberly are split between four VFTG Picks:
Ava chose Joey Cook and Shania “Shi” Scott
Kymberly chose Nick Fradiani and Riley Bria
My Vote for the Worst picks are… Not going to be revealed until after the American Idol 14 competition ends, or if you don’t want to wait and find out who right now…

FIND OUT for $8 $5 to see who Team Ava & Kymberly chose as their Vote for the Worst Pick… As an added bonus, Ava & Kymberly will throw in who the MALE MODERATOR CREW (Leonard Lai and Clark Jones) chose as who they want to see win (so that’s a Buy One Get One Free deal there.)
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