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POLL: Ava’s decision to Auction her virginity as a male

CREATED: April 19, 2014 2:46 PM EDT
UPDATED: May 23, 2014 4:16 AM EDT

Pretty much official now, Ava Zinn is auctioning off her virginity.

Pretty much official now, Ava Zinn is auctioning off her virginity.

I know you’re pretty much socked and baffled about my decision to auction off my virginity as a male and I want to know what you think. Your comments could be on either Vote for the Girls or on

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Here are the comments I received in person already:

As a punishment for Jessica Meuse landing in the bottom two on American Idol and for Ava to make that announcement, I think Ava Zinn’s decision to sell her virginity has crossed the line – J.W.
Ava, I’m sorry, but you are out of your f**kin mind. – E.P

I think you need to retool Vote for the Girls, you’re a f**king sexist. – Annoying Jena Irene fan

(on Twitter), most common complaint on Vote for the Girls US and UK

Ava Zinn is full of herself and seems to be more a cyber-bully now and she’s really playing more hardball than in recent years.  – Lucy on Twitter

Hey, now! I think you might want to reconsider this decision. Some things are just too precious to sell. Keep your head up and know that your body, mind, and spirit are precious and only for those who love and appreciate you. – Mandi M.

Very sad you think there could be a price for your body! Please think things through and realize the value of respecting yourself. – Electa H.



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1 thought on “POLL: Ava’s decision to Auction her virginity as a male”

  1. Ava, I’m not surprised of that that decision, but as a Vote for the Girls #‎PunishmentForFailure‬ over Jess Meuse landing in the bottom two twice and Jena Irene in the bottom three earlier.

    I’m not surprised of this announcement that you decided to auction off your virginity.

    I even commented on my friend in Muncie, Allison Abercrombie’s Facebook profile, and I think you having to to deactivate your Facebook as a sign of walking away.

    What I think you will likely gain from this (other than being called a prostitute, exhibitionist, spending time in jail, or paying a fine–the latter of the two is what I think your friends and fans are more worried about) will pretty much have Ava’s reputation take a huge hit, if her reputation hasn’t already been declined since her fateful prom night back in 2001.

    I even told Alec (Dailey), I know as close friends of Ava, as well as Wendy Becker Simpkins, Elaine Ellis, Ramona Reed Tyler, Veronica Schmerber, Telissa Hunt; and to lesser extent, Sheena Fromholz and Electa Holloway to name a few, do care about Ava.

    I think many, if not all of your friends MUST remember, her decision to auction her virginity is 20 years in the making. This isn’t like Ava Zinn going into the sex industry or going into porn, but doing as a last resort after years of what Ava Zinn says has to failure and pretty much is seeking revenge for let’s say elimination of Pia Toscano, Angie Miller, Malaya Watson on American Idol, I have to agree with Sheena Fromholz on this one, Ava Zinn has simply gone way too far.

    There’s pretty much nothing anyone (Ava’s friends, my friends, etc) can do at this point besides accepting this #VotefortheGirls #PunishmentForFailure

    What I think Ava, if your’re reading this, you’ve been at an overall downward trend (yet socially fared better since transitioning from Frank to Ava) after that prom fiasco.

    The most important fact is that Ava Zinn — a biological MALE, NOW A TRANSGENDERED FEMALE — didn’t commit suicide and I know she would have done that had she not came out as a trans over 10 years ago. She has been through years of bad luck and last year she pretty much bounced back in 2013, of which turned out to be her perfect year. The last time that happened was 1995.

    If being friends with Ava Zinn for 24 years now do indicate one thing, when Ava has a perfect year like in 1995 and 2013, the following year tuns real bad.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how all this plays out. Not to be a gossip queen, ladies and gentleMAN, I think it will be 2016 once Ava truly bounces back and lucky if she avoids jail time or pay a fine of which I think should be included in the virginity auction once this is all over.

    Then again who’s going to run Voye for the Girls in Ava’s absence and do as much of a good job as Ava? No one. No one can run Vote for the Girls like Ava Zinn can.