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Ava Zinn to auction virginity (as a male) with a catch – SHOCKING

UPDATE (4/20/14): I just published the site of my virginity auction. It is at AvaZinn.US. Once the auction is completed, I will turn AvaZinn.us to a message board/wiki type

It's Official, Ava is selling her virginity (as a biological male)
It’s Official, Ava is selling her virginity (as a biological male)
This is one of the biggest posts and quite frankly the hardest decision I’ve ever made. I had hoped that something like this would never happen and unfortunately it is something that I feel is now necessary after the factors that lead top my final decision to auction of my virginity. Yes, it means that I have unfortunately decided to have sexual intercourse (as a biological male for the last time) with a biological woman. After years of relationship failures as a male that led to a fateful prom night that changed everything.
I posted on Facebook:

Thank y’all so much for your kind words and support over the five years on Facebook and 20 plus years I’ve been friends with a majority–especially Holly Everman Willis, Alec Dailey, Karly Cope, Elaine Ellis, Ramona Reed Tyler, Ashley Dawson, Wendy Becker Simpkins, Telissa Hunt, Justin Planck, Veronica Schmerber, and Kayla Battishill,
Though many long-time friends will be critical of what I will announce on YouTube Friday, I know the true meaning of friendship lies in the heart and being loyal. Since 1994, a dark secret desire of mine was hidden of what eventually lead to this ongoing gender transition (and since the transition began 10 years ago this December, I’ve been more successful as a woman) and a clear evidence is Vote for the Girls USA – Official which has had success last year. Before I came out as ‪#‎MtF‬ in 2003 Megan Stone and Blake Pattison were the last individuals ever to see me as a male (as far as living as a male) and today had I not came out back then I would have taken my own life.
I am so much more than what you hear or see on Vote for the Girls and online (of which I often curse, occasionally bullying, telling those who to vote for) – it’s about being passionate, it’s about fulfilling a goal, it’s about fulfilling an obligation.
Everyone that I have met over the years have proven that to me since my kindergarten year over a quarter-century ago. Thank you for the support over the years allowing me to be far more successful as a woman
Whatever the consequences and repercussions of what I announce on YouTube Friday, I will always become a woman of my word and remain hopeful the best is still yet to come. Thank you all so much for your understanding!

To ensure I am not doing a porn site (of which I have threatened to do if Alex & Sierra did not win The X Factor USA in December), there will be a section of this web site with a link at the front page of AvaZinn.com about the virginity auction in the days to come.  I will also dedicated a section of AvaZinn.com to discussing my difficult decision to sell my virginity. Sure my views on prostitution won’t be posted, and what you will discover that this decision has something to do with Jessica Meuse landing in the bottom group on American Idol (You can bet that this will make national headlines such as “MARION TRANSGENDER WOMAN SELLS VIRGINITY” in the Marion Chronicle-Tribune or “INDIANA TRANSGENDER WOMAN SELLS VIRGINITY FOR LOSING ‘iDOL’ BET in The Indianapolis Star), of which was the final factor in this.
The factors that lead to the decision to auction off my virginity has to be:

  1. The prom my senior year (of which the prom date showed three hours late and 12 years later stripped her of the title) and consequent IWU dis-enrollment
  2. Years of rejection as a male finding a mate (WILL BE FINALLY RESOLVED)
  3. Years of being bullied for being different in the 1990’s
  4. A fourth factor has to be as a Vote for the Girls Punishment for Failure, I think it will make people start realizing that the site needs more support and realize voting for males on American Idol is a serious crime–regardless of how good he is (no offense)

As I hope you can tell, I have devoted a great deal of time, thought, and study to this decision. I have cherished every last moment, and already this will become the historic experience of a lifetime.

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