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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Ava Zinn to continue meat strike through end of 2014

Ava Zinn, yours truly,  announced Sunday following The Voice UK series 3 final that ended with the first Vote for the Girls UK loss, has decided to continue the meat strike that began on March 1, 2014 and will last until January 3, 2015.
I know a lot of my friends and colleagues at VFTG USA and UK are surprised that this may have been the most brutal punishment for a Vote for the Girls loss and going to the challenge of going meat-free. Within two weeks of the meat strike, I was informed that I have exceeded the expectations during a doctor’s visit and even in better shape as a woman weighing nearly 155 pounds for the first time in nearly 20 years.
There are plenty of socially stigmatized groups in the country such as my site Vote for the Girls. Depending on where you live, everything from your sex (or gender identity)  to your skin color to your sexual orientation to your religion (or lack thereof) can make life more difficult for you. While I can’t pretend that the societal troubles vegetarians face every day on the same level as the non-vegetarian counterparts. Some people will say It’s a choice you make, not something thrust upon you that apparently became what may possibly be my biggest Vote for the Girls Punishment since Pia Toscano’s elimination on American Idol.
A lot of people have asked me “Why? Why are you doing this as punishment?” As much of a meat lover that enjoys a steak once in a while, and going vegetarian until my 32nd birthday,  it wasn’t as much as an easy decision to make as a Vote for the Girls Punishment for a Loss.
But another question is, why did Ava Zinn choose the Meat-Strike of 2014? Health is not the primary reason since I began to use ground turkey as beef before I came out as a transgender woman. There are folks who understandably go vegetarian for health reasons—numerous studies have shown that cutting animal fats out of your diet can reduce your risk of various cancers and heart diseases and increase your lifespan. According to a VRG.com 2011 survey, approximately 5% of the country say that they never eat meat, fish, seafood, or poultry. About half of these vegetarians are also vegan; that is they also don’t eat dairy or eggs.
What was the last thing I ate before this meat strike? Of course, it was a juicy pork steak and medium rare. At the very least, a good 1 pound burger would have been a nice send-off. Thankfully, I had a lot of beans and did some research before the meat strike began. I then discovered there were meat-free alternatives such as Boca Burgers, which are really enjoyable as eating a White Castle slider. Also the last meat product I ate at a fast food restaurant was a Sourdough burger at Culver’s celebrating the perfect 2013 on the US Vote for the Girls.
What am I learning from this Meat Strike as a punishment for a Vote for the Girls Loss? Other than replacing ground turkey/beef patties for Boca Burger or veggie patty as a meat substitute, yet costly if you’re not careful; I would say that I would recommend Subway’s Veggie Delite is my recommendation to any vegetarian.
Are there are any regrets of going vegetarian I wish I learned about? There will be two, perhaps three since I am posting around Easter, yet the end result is stellar as I could potentially be weighing less than 130 and standing 5′ 9″ (without heels)  by year’s end and a potential body mass index of less than 20 for the first time since my daughter Sammi was born.
The one thing that will devastate me is the no Ham on Christmas and the no Turkey on Thanksgiving. I do wonder what will be the vegetarian alternative to a honey-glazed ham and 10 pound turkey.
in 2013, The Vegan Society has seen an increase in vegan pledges earlier this year of 39% worldwide and 26% in the UK.  World Vegan Day on 1 November – celebrating the coining of the term, ‘vegan’ and the founding of The Vegan Society in November 1944 – marks the start of World Vegan Month.  World Vegan Day and World Vegan month are organised by The Vegan Society (reg. charity no. 279228).

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