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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Ava Zinn to (possibly) issue cease and desist to American Idol WGWG Fans

MARION, IN – Ava Zinn announced Saturday that in an effort to get votes for her popular “Vote for the Girls USA” web site, she is taking the extreme and possibly step necessary of issuing a cease and desist to fans that continue to vote for a seemingly good-looking white boy who plays the guitar – a trend that Idol pundits call the “white guy with guitar” or “WGWG” factor, and thus the reason Ava Zinn has launched Vote for the Girls in April 2010.
From American Idol 7 through 11, this has led viewers and critics accusing American Idol of having gender and ethnic biases, with some complaining about the predictability of the likely winner, and few even say that Vote for the Girls USA really took down Vote for the Worst in American Idol 12.
Ava Zinn created Vote for the Girls in April 2010 when she launched the Vote for Crystal Bowersox campaign following the elimination of Siobahn Magnus on American Idol on April 28, 2010. Since then, the site has claimed victories of Melanie Amaro, Alex & Sierra, Candice Glover, Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, and Tessanne Chin on The X Factor USA 1 and 3, American Idol 12, and The Voice of America 3, 4, and 5, respectively. The site is seeking its seventh and eighth on American Idol 13 and The Voice of America 6, respectively.
Zinn said, “I am hopeful that by issuing the C&D, it will get attention and mixed results. VFTGUSA is similar to the Vote for the Worst site that we defeated last year. Even if someone offered me $100 trillion to shut down VFTG, I’ll decline the offer.”
While Zinn auditioned for American Idol 11 in July 2011, Zinn also exposed the gender bias from American Idol 10 and Zinn’s audition changed her life and the VFTG USA site began to gain ground, eventually getting the first VFTG Victory with Melanie Amaro.
Zinn also announced on Twitter that she is on a meat strike until May 31 should the second consecutive American Idol Vote for the Girls victory happen, otherwise for the remainder of 2014 as a punishment for failure.
Ava Zinn currently hosts and moderates the American and British versions of popular web site Vote for the Girls. For more information about VFTG, visit the web site at www.voteforthegirls.us, follow VFTG on Twitter @voteforthegirls and Like VFTG on Facebook @voteforthegirls. For more information about Ava Zinn, visit her web site at www.avazinn.com, follow Ava on Twitter @aeverinezinn and like Ava on Facebook at www.facebook.com/aeverinezinn

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