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Ava Zinn Announces Move to New Facility in Indianapolis, IN

MARION, IN – December 31, 2013 ‐‐ Aeverine Zinn (Ava Zinn) announced that she will relocate from Marion, Indiana to Indianapolis, Indiana. The relocation will create an undetermined new direct opportunities that will be accompanied by the reloaction to Indianapolis than those currently offered in Marion, Indiana. Ava Zinn estimates the relocation will result in an additional $250 indirect monthly revenue at most.
Ava Zinn, a Grant County, Indiana resident since November 1983 and Marion, Indiana resident since 1996, is investing more than $350 in its relocation. Ava Zinn is leasing a 700-square-foot facility in the Avondale neighbourhood and is currently negotiating with providers in Indianapolis to replace Grant Blackford Mental Health and Carey Services, respectively.
“This move strategically positions yours truly for continued growth. In Marion, we were concerned about the future of that vicinity following the closures of Sears on the north side and Marsh in the south side as well as a college to replace Indiana Wesleyan University and a television provider to replace Bright House cable,” says Zinn. “As a resident of Marion, Indiana, I was concerned going into the new year about the prospect of having to make painful budget cuts with the rising costs to keep up a growing popularity of Vote for the Girls and with less shoppes in Marion available with the recent loss of such big retailers as Marsh and Sears. The relocation to Indianapolis presents me with a more exciting opportunities. In addition to continuing as Indiana’s LGBT, new friends and fans in Indianapolis can look forward to Vote for the Girls, Housing Hell, Santa Ava, as well as Vote for the Worst, and a revival of popular television news discussion web site INNewsCenter in 2014.”
“We look forward to an association with Ava Zinn as an Indianapolis resident,” added April Blackmon, leasing manager of Keystone North Apartments. Holly Willis, long time friend of Ava Zinn said, “Today’s announcement is another great win for the LGBT community and for Indianapolis. As one of the bigger LGBT communities, Indianapolis is working hard to make Indianapolis a world class city.”
Ava Zinn plans to move into the Keystone North facility in March, and operations will begin immediately thereafter.
“We plan to build Ava Zinn into a much more successful woman in Indianapolis through advancement, increased operating efficiencies and superior service in the LGBT community with the help of whomever works with yours truly as a mental health provider and developmentally disability services provider, as well as adding more seriveces to reflect my gender identity as a woman and as a 31 year old woman whose sexual orientation is lesbian,” said Zinn. “The citizens in Indianapolis are hard-working, loyal and dedicated. Additionally, Indianapolis is a great place to live, work and play. We did not realize how much we had taken life in a major city such as Indianapolis for granted until we relocated to Marion, Indiana from my hometown of Van Buren, Indiana in October 1996.”
“For those who get a taste of it, the quality of life in Indianapolis is unforgettable, and the opportunities for doing business here are limited only by one’s drive and ingenuity,” Blackmon said. “We are so glad that Ava Zinn recognized this and decided to come to Indianapolis and bring Ava Zinn to Indianapolis, where she will have access to a great opportunities and a broad variety of markets.”

 About Ava Zinn

Chicagoan by birth (as a boy), Ava Zinn was brought up in Van Buren, Indiana. With an psychological/mental injury prematurely putting an end to any hopes of a promising career in special education, she went back to business to complete a course in housing and media production management. Her dedication and natural talent led her to train with some of the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne’s leading personalities, such as Bob Imperial and Marshall Davidson in Fort Wayne, and Patrice Rafferty in Indianapolis.
In 1993, at the age of 10, Zinn set up her first wholly owned loyalty program with her namesake Santa Ava Zinn (then Santa Franky Zinn), which quickly received the most prestigious accolade in the gift retail industry. In 2005 Ava became executive of NoSirGifts in Marion, IN. Within three years, was awarded four stars status. In 2011, at the age of 28, Zinn set up her first wholly owned and (former) namesake, KNARF Productions (absorbed into Aeverine Zinn Holdings), which quickly received the most prestigious accolade in the media production world – five stars. Today, Santa Ava Zinn is Indiana’s longest-running loyalty rewards program to hold this award.
Ava has also become a star of the internet both in the Hoosier state and in the U.S., as well as in the U.K, with Indiana web series such as SANTA AVA, as well as the top-rated YouTube channels: Both the American and British versions of VOTE FOR THE GIRLS and AvaZinn.com , not to mention her latest YouTube series premiering in 2016, HOUSING HELL and a revival of INNEWSCENTER in November 2014.
Ava has a local partnership with United Way of Grant County, and Goodwill Industries

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