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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Ava Zinn scores a perfect 2013 for Vote for the Girls UK

Samantha Bailey not only won The X Factor UK 10 Sunday night, and it’s pretty much official for the UK version my site,  Vote for the Girls, that’s a victory.
The site declares in a home-page banner that it is the first time site history that two victories (and undefeated) have happened in any given calendar year.

VFTGUK chose Samantha “Sam” Bailey as the primary contestant from the Over 25s to win. Like the US counterpart, It encourages its readers to vote for only female performers to “go in favour what the producers want in a winner and … annoy the viewing public by sending the males packing.”
Since Vote for the Girls UK’s debut in June 2013, site declared its first victories by supporting contestants The Voice UK 2 winner Andrea Begley and The X FACTOR UK 10 winner Samantha Bailey.
In other news, as I previously posted nearly two weeks ago, I was considering launching a porn site and selling my virginity by having sexual intercourse for the last time as a male (still appearing as a woman) — mostly as the punishment for the Vote for the Girls USA loss following Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige’s elimination and to a much lesser extent, as a way to raise revenue for the American and British versions of VFTG. Many of my friends and fans have complained (especially the twelve close friends of 10 females and two males) that it would would not work. After someone posted a friendly wager on who would win Duets, which eventually ended in the first VFTG Early Loss in July 2012, I remember reading a comment from a woman named Courtney commented:

It’s not a “friendly” wager if this is the punishment. Whoever put you up to it should be ashamed of themselves because they are not a good person and not someone you should associate with.
Since you know those people are awful, don’t lower yourself to their low moral standard. I think starting this [porn] site is a ridiculous and a pretty serious thing to do over people getting voted off of a singing competition….

What many of my friends did not know there was a UK version, and I knew I had a damn good reason to extend the Vote for the Girls franchise to Great Britain and eventually Australia, in addition to the original American version. That being said, I’ve decided not to go through with the porn site and declare the July 2012 wager from Veronica Willis null and void not because because the wager violated Indiana law and only played 49% of my decision. However, I have decided since the uncensored American version of VFTG is shown on the VFTGUK channel and profanity intact–unlike the American VFTG channel that has profanity bleeped out–it happens to be my site,my rules, I get to do whatever I want, such as a recent cross-over with both the US and UK versions, in which two of the VFTG USA moderators joined Ariel (Swaringen) and myself on The X Factor UK 10.

That being said, because the UK version (Vote for the Girls UK), just got a second VFTG Victory after Samanatha Bailey won the The X Factor UK 10 and earlier this year Andrea Begey won The Voice UK 2, no porn site and no selling my male virginity to the highest female bidder (but will consider finding a sugar momma or any other ideas to bring revenue to Vote for the Girls USA, UK, and AU.)

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