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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Enough's Enough: A Transwoman's Experience with Bisexuality

Since I am three months shy of the 10th Anniversary of coming out, a few people in Marion and many from the LGBT Community (and becoming evident on MeetMe)
I never really considered myself a bisexual, EVEN when I did identified as a guy and still never consider myself as bi. But I am asked one big question on top of another question, “If you are trans, does that make you gay, straight, or bisexual, Ava,”  and “As a woman, Ava, who do you date?”
The “who do you date now” question is one that is quite a relatively easy question to answer – it nominally depends on who asks me out. I’ve been with to two women [(Amanda from 1993-1997 & 2012-2013and my late wife from 2001 until her death in 2010) a third woman I dated from 1997-2000, Elisa, later came out as bisexual in 2011], that has usually been the case for me since my first relationship — Someone comes up to me “…you’re not exactly a woman…” is considered to be a transphobic remark that will earn someone a two year banishment and $100 fine as of July 4, 2014; “so you really couldn’t date straight or bisexual guys,” it’s not the case for me at all; yet, on two occasions I have been sexually assaulted by genetic bisexual males [first in July 2002 in Marion (while I identified as a male)  and in June 2010 in Indianapolis (as a woman) there is not a day that goes by that I don’t ever think about those times and thus why some are opposed to my relocation from Marion to Indianapolis–this isn’t really a choice for me at all as the benefits are well worth the risks.]   —  The funny thing about someone’s sexuality is really complicated. Take for example, a few of my former colleagues nationwide when I worked at NoSirGifts were women who are trans who were and to this day still are with their domestic partners (I would say a transwoman’s wife, but Indiana currently does not recognize same sex marriages.)
SOURCE: Boxers and Binders: So Who Do You Date Now (transgender male).

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