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Ava Zinn to visit Indianapolis… (as a possible resident to Indy)

MARION, IN – Ava Zinn is once again making the trip to Indianapolis as part of her relocation from Marion to Indianapolis. The decision to relocate from Marion to Indianapolis is primarily over a number of failures in Marion.
The question I am asked most often is Why? Why the move to Indianapolis, Ava?
Since my dis-enrollment from Indiana Wesleyan University on September 27, 2001 and the search for a new college or university to replace IWU took nearly nine years, eventually narrowing down to Franklin University of Ohio in Castleton, IN. But due to Ava’s current locale in Marion, and the fact she doesn’t have a car or adequate transportation, as was proven to be the case twelve years later during the wake of the late Travis Simpkins.
Another reason is the fact that Indianapolis has the second largest LGBT population in the state of Indiana, behind Bloomington. Just by passing several individuals, hearing homophobic comments such as “you’re a f**king f***ot” or most notably a clerk named Keith at what is now the Marathon Mini-Mart (then Gas America before becoming Speedway in May 2012), 318 W 3rd–addressing yours truly by male pronoun in Marion, even if its an accident will cost you and I’ve been cracking down with efforts. Despite the efforts in Marion, I came to realize that Marion, IN is essentially the worst transgender friendly city in the State of Indiana.
A second reason is on June 29, 2012, my fate in Marion was sealed when  strong winds caused an outdoor antenna to topple at the landlady’s apartment complex and effectively knocked out over-the-air television to yours truly and 19 other tenants (those 19 currently subscribe to Bright House Networks as a cable telvision provider). For yours truly, not having enough funds to subscribe to cable television and the failure to find another provider to replace Bright House Netoworks, I opted to obtain High Speed Internet from AT&T U-verse and over-the-air television from an indoor antenna that will deliver success upon relocating to Indianapolis. This was due to speculation that a cable television mandate could happen and effectively forcing yours truly to be evicted along with weak housekeeping skills, despite major improvements in recent months. It proved to become evident in October 2008 and July 2013.
If you have known me since my kindergarten year at JC Knight, second stint of my third grade year at Northview Elementary, etc., you’ve seen me as a longtime resident in Grant County–residing in the Mississinewa Community School district from November 1983 to November 1985 (later attended from August 23, 1988 to May 26, 2001), Eastbrook Community Schools from November 1985 to October 15, 1996, and Marion Community Schools since October 16, 1996. But within three years, yours truly will be relocating to Indianapolis after nearly 20 years in Marion and that will leave only one of my cousins, Patricia (Purvis) as the only remaining human Zinn family member to reside in Marion. What does that mean for you–a loyal friend and fan of yours truly in Marion?
“Ther’e’s still gonna be CVS, Walgreens and those drugstores. There’s still gonna be Walmart and Meijer a woman, There’s still going to be Circle K, Speedway. There’s still going to be TJ Maxx, Kohl’s Hobby Lobby, PetSmart, and those department stores, There’s still gonna be Marsh, Aldi, and Kroger–all those major retail chains. There will not be Lance’s New Market and there will not be as many McClure’s gas stations,” commented Zinn.
Zinn says that living in Indianapolis is more unique and it is what people in the LGBT community want to see.
“As a Marion, Indiana resident, I am concerned about the down economy evidenced by stores closing and lack of opportunities in Marion compared to Indianapolis.”
Yours truly is part of a growing trend of LGBT individuals that were born and/or raised in Grant County relocating to Bloomington, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or Lafayette for better opportunities in those municipalities and not mainly due sexual orientation and gender identity. In return for leaving Marion and relocating to Indianapolis, the mayor of Indianapolis Greg Ballard and the Indianapolis  LGBT community, plans on seeing Zinn as a major coup as yours truly has been one of Marion’s weaker residents due to poor housekeeping and has been among the ten strongest transgender women in Indiana, and one the worst webmasters for the swearing and harsh critics.
And that web site Vote for the Girls, that will still be in existence, as well as Classic INNewsCenter and two new sites Housing Hell and Retail Nightmares.
“More people say to me since I shut INNewsCenter down, ‘I really liked the INNewsCenter site, but I don’t like the VFTG site.’ So I think, I will be able to to many cross-over videos with Classic INNewsCenter and VFTG once INNewsCenter is revived as well as once Retail Nightmares and Housing Hell debuts. It could be possible for Retail Nightmares, Vote for the Girls, Classic INNewsCenter, and Housing Hell for one cross-over.
The changes are scheduled to be taking place by 2016..

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