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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Official Statement to David Della Terza of Vote for the Worst

As you know tonight was the final night of Vote for the Girls’ biggest competitor, Vote for the Worst and I have decided to issue a statement following American Idol’s 12th season finale and since I will probably ending up buying the domain. I had attempted to post an official statement as follows:
“Vote for Girls, a site that I launched on Ava Zinn.com in April 2010, wants say thank you for being a damn good competitor in the four years since your biggest competitor launched following Siobahn’s elimination on American Idol. I have posted one of the most emotional tributes in the Vote for the Girls site’s history on YouTube and want to say that this season was one of the most emotional in the site’s history.
First and foremost, this the same Ava Zinn that tried out for American Idol in Pittsburgh two years ago. It is also the same Ava Zinn that took off her shirt when she found out that Haley Reinhart and Lauren Aliana were in the Top 3 two years ago. It’s also the same Ava Zinn that got cyber-bullied on Encylopedia Dramatica six years ago.
When I first heard that Vote for the Worst was shutting down, I said I was waiting three years for the day to finally happen when Lazaro Arbos was voted off.
I heard the negativity from a few of the mods on my site and quite frankly the comment posted about spamming is absolutely NOT FUCKING TRUE AT ALL.
I cannot believe that you are a webmaster and if you watched Bob Barker and Adam Sandler fight on the Movie “Happy Gilmore”–just pretend you are Adam Sandler.
This will be my only comment I’ve ever posted on VFTW. Let me just say that your site finally has finally lost. However, I am more than happy to welcome all from VFTW on my site. Know that I remember everything.
I watched your site like a fucking hawk (as well as my moderators have) and Vote for the Wort basically knew the day would come when VFTW finally admits defeat.
As fellow member of the LGBT community, I have no problem since the webmaster is gay and the webmaster of your biggest competitor is transgenderd woman ranking with Alexis Arquette and Candis Cayne.
It was nice to be your competitor and finally telling you (and finally delivering a….
[img]http://voteforthegirls.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/VFTW-loss.jpg[/img] (The Price is Right losing horns)
[img]http://avazinn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/1345401574-Copy-e1366798583350.png[/img] Ava Zinn
PS: I am absolutely fine with your site simply blocking yours truly, but hey. Godd luck and God bless. Your site will be missed by many.”
On a more bitter-sweet note, I now know the truth. And you can feel free to spread the word with your friends and family. All those videos of Vote for the Girls of yours truly using f-bombs, frequenly losing my paitence, and occasionally loss of temper were 100 percent necessary and demonstrated passion.
I am officially known as “The Gordon Ramsay of American Idol.”

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