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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Hell's Kitchen fans pissed… AGAIN!

As the battle rounds on The Voice season 4 concluded, 14 chefs were competing on Hell’s Kitchen Tuesday night.
You would think that I, Ava Zinn, could watch both programmes at the same time (via online streaming). Expectations were high, only to find out the stream to watch Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t working yet again with the East Coast feed and even the west cost feed that started at 11:30 Tuesday — only for the stream to be knocked out by 12:30 early Wednesday , only to find out by 12:45 early Wednesday the programme had ended, and yours truly for only the tenth time in AVA ZINN history, and the fifth since May 10, 2012 missed an episode of a television programme so important that it will end up costing YOU — the person reading this right now over $475 (for one missed episode.)
Although, yours truly did watch “The Voice” in its entirety from 8:00 PM EDT to 9:00 PM EDT, I only watched bits and pieces of Hell’s Kitchen, and the Fox stream worked at the end, and that was simply too late.
Watching the 8th new episode of Hell’s Kitchen would mean forgoing the final night of the season four battle rounds and postponing The Voice Updates on Vote for the Girls following a historic Vote for the Girls victory on April 11.
What people need to realize is that I have certain obligations when I launched Vote for the Girls in 2010, and of course I wanted to watch The Voice show as well as local news.Another long-time Zinn family policy states that I insist to watch Hell’s Kitchen watched live (when it airs).
Hell’s Kitchen people are now more pissed at AVA ZIN, and in one instance, my little girl even received a death threat–though its unconfirmed at this time.
In other news,
I revived a telephone call around 5:30 Monday evening from Fox Hill Manor Apartments signifying the application has been accepted, but the bad news is that I would have to wait until 2016 due to poor income.  This only adds fuel to the recent headaches of yours truly in recent years.

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