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It’s Official, Ava Zinn may have killed Vote for the Worst

In case you had not been watching American Idol and not watching that particular programme, I would suggest that NOW may be the right time to do so, regardless of what you think about the judges this season.

I had made a resolution for 2013 after Phillip Phillips won season 11 that I was done watching the programme. But that did not mean I did not vote. However, once I got alerted that there was one guy left in the American idol competition, I wrangled with the decision to resume watching American Idol after an 11-month “boycott.”  I made good on a promise that sounded like a threat when I launched Vote for the Girls three years ago after Siobhan Magnus was voted off and asked everyone on this web site (then located on Aeverine.info) to vote for eventual runner-up Crystal Bowersox that year.

The following season, I asked again on this web site, but that year began on deaf ears after the first five eliminations were all female. The video(s) I posted on my YouTube channel from April 2011 should ring a bell…. and most recently MY VOTE FOR THE GIRLS web site from Thursday.

You might as well say that it is safe to say the following quotes: “Ava Zinn took down Vote for the Worst? Really?”

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  1. Holly Willis | |

    May I say congratulations to Ava Zinn and Vote for the Girls for sending VFTW a nasty loss. 🙂 Someone had to stand up and step up to the plate and put a foot in the VFTW founder’s behind.