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2012 Year in Review


January 19 I finally reveal my status in
the American Idol season 11 competition from July 2011 in
the Pittsburgh auditions. Many of the Facebook friends
eventually unfriended and/or complained to yours truly for
not being able to audition in front of the judges.
Ava then reveals in a Facebook post that if a male won
American Idol, she will then switch to Verizon Wireless
(which actually happened on May 24) for The X Factor .
25 Amber Campbell was the first
to unfriend yours truly in 2012, in part due to my status in
the American Idol season 11 competition.Twelve additional
individuals including Alicia (Kendall) Jones and Samantha
(Rose) Callahan.
February 19 Several friends on Facebook
are shocked after five individuals – Craig Markley,
Dannielle Dooley, Mary Lamb, Brandon Jones, and Amber
Dooley. The two latter of the five were close friends dating
back from 1998 and 2001, respectively.  Mona (Reed)
Tyler replaces Brandon Jones the same day and Brooke Jones
replaces Amber Dooley on February 27.
March 15 Shannon Magrane, an American
Idol contestant finalist, finishes in 11th place.
22 Erika Van Pelt, an American
Idol contestant finalist (and auditioned in the same
Pittsburgh venue as Ava Zinn, finishes in 10th place. Ava
later gets a Brazilian wax.
A week later, another contestant that Ava auditioned with
(Heejun Han) finished in 9th place. Ava later gets a second
23 Yours truly is treated for
blown vocal cords due to one of the repercussions of her
American Idol audition in Pittsburgh. Yours truly already
missed most of the first half of calendar year at Carey
Services. It was later found out that Ava was diagnosed with
acid reflux as the cause of the blown vocal cords in
addition to hypothyroidism.
April 12 Jessica Sanchez, another
American Idol contestant, Ava rooted for, is saved from
26 Elise Testone, an American
Idol contestant finalist, finishes in 6th place.
28 After a 12 year
investigation, the Mississinewa 500 Cold Case is finally
solved. Alec Dailey and Justin Planck are named co-best men
to Ava’s future wedding while Veronica Schmerber and Telissa
Hunt are named co-prom dates, replacing a Mississinewa HS
Class of 2003 Alumnus that on March 15, 2011 had been
stripped of title.
May 3 Skylar Laine, an American
Idol contestant finalist, finishes in 5th place. One
Facebook friend said that she is done watching American Idol
Two of my pet grandchildren,
Alexis and Allison, were killed in a domestic dispute.
10 Hollie Cavanagh, an American
Idol contestant finalist, finishes in 4th place, and missed
that particular American Idol results programme as well as
the following American Idol results on May 17.
Ten years to the day of my
mother’s death, my pet daughter, Coco, commits suicide,
revealing that she is sorry for killing Alexis and Allison
and hurting her husband and her children.
14 A neighbor of mine, Victor
Humpfrey, is found dead.
23 Ava loses several friendly
wagers and has stopped watching American Idol after Phillip
Phillips won American Idol season 11. This is declared a
Vote for the Girls loss.
24 Ava’s BFF #1, Robyn (Hurd)
Matthewson, dies at 1:07 AM four hours after suffering a
stroke. Holly Everman is sworn in as Ava’s BFF#1.
June 3 Amanda Davidson, a woman
yours truly dated from 1993 to 1997, reconciles her
differences with Ava Zinn and becomes the first former
significant other in Ava Zinn history to have been in a
relationship with Ava both as Davidson’s boyfriend
(1993-1997) and Davidson’s girlfriend (2012-present.) Ava
also ended a 400-day search after declaring single on April
30, 2011.
28 Two years after being launched on
Aeverine.info as a campaign, Vote For the Girls is launched.
Vote for the Girls is dedicated to voting in favour of
female contestants on reality singing competition to end the
alliance between young women and grandmothers that tend to
vote for WGWG (white guy with guitar.)
29 The apartment complex
television tower where Ava Zinn resides at collapses due to
straight line thunderstorm winds that moved through Marion
at approximately 3:30 p.m, knocking Ava’s television
provider (which replaced Bright House Networks in December
2009 following the Marion repercussions of the
WISH-TV/Bright House dispute) to lower strength than usual.
The antenna tower, according to a conversation with
David Kinzie, the maintenance man at the apartment complex
on July 24, would most likely not be replaced, thus sealing
Zinn’s fate in Marion and the decision to relocate to
Indianapolis. On December 18, 2012, Kinzie became the very
first individual to be declared Dishonorable Mention in
Santa Ava’s Season 20.
July 12 Ava Zinn misses an episode of
Duets in which the last female contestant, Bridget
Carrington, was eliminated. A profanity laced video is
posted on YouTube (the video is bleeped a record 86 times in
the 15 minute video in the edited version.) Ava eventually
watches the program at the Starbucks the following Saturday.
20 Ava Zinn obtains AT&T’s
U-Verse High Speed Internet. The very first programme Ava
watches was the tenth season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen.
31 A month after the television
tower collapsed, Zinn began an over-the-air/Internet stream
(via AT&T U-Verse) hybrid as a television provider
(replacing Bright House), the Indianapolis stations (except
WNDY and newscasts on WXIN and WTHR) were replaced by
out-of-market (and out-of-state) affiliates of the
corresponding networks, including stations in Chicago
(WPLG-ABC and WSVN-Fox), Tampa (WTVT-Fox and WTSP-CBS), New
York (WCBS-CBS and WNYW-Fox), Chattanooga (WDSI-Fox) and
Harrisburg/York (WPMT-Fox).  The substitution would go
into 2013 until the relocation to Indinaapolis is
finalized–whichever comes first
August 8 Paying up on a wager with Jennifer (Tedder)
Morris on who would win American Idol season 11, Ava makes
the brutal two hour trip in nearly 100 degree heat from
Marion to Ivanhoe’s in Upland.
September 4 At 3:47 PM, two weeks (10 business days)
after being alerted of a lease violation, yours truly, my
girlfriend (Amanda), my nephew and niece-in-law (Weasel and
Sheena), my daughter (Sammi), my BFF and her partner (Holly
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) correcting the lease
I had one of the most closest calls in 25 years when I was
almost forced to hire a company (Associated Supply/Dynamite
Building Maintenance) with a sex offender putting my family
in great danger.
October 1-31 Paying up on a wager with a majority of her
friends on who won American Idol season 11 and for the
second year in a row, Ava and several of her female friends
grew leg beards.The male friends grew out their facial hair
for Beards for Breast Cancer. Ava will also grow a leg beard
in October 2013 after losing a friendly wager on who won
season 2 of The X Factor.
1 Ava Zinn announces Santa Ava 20 will be the
last Santa Ava in Marion.
November 1 It is announced on the Santa
Ava Facebook page that for only the fourth time in Santa Ava
history, the Best of Nice and Nice recipients will go to a
The individuals advanced in Santa Ava finals were:
Carey Services Superiors: Stacie Thomason and Jennifer Ehmer
Carey Services Colleagues: Sherry Step and Jackie Meza
Cornerstone/CSP: Ann Leavitt and Tina Sumner
Neighbours: Tamara Smith and Michelle Mendenhall
12 Ava Zinn watches the NBC
singing competition The Voice for the First time
23 In a surprising move in Santa
Ava, five individuals were added to the Santa Ava finals,
bringing the number of finalists in the Santa Ava finale to
a record breaking 13. Sheena Burdette joins Stacie Thomason
and Jennifer Ehmer in the Ava’s Superiors; Amanda Smith to
the Ava’s Colleagues, and the biggest were adding Diana
Branham, Ericka Collins, and Eula Treadwell joining Ann
Leavitt and Tina Sumner in the CSP division.
December 14 Ann Leavitt, Tina Sumner, and
Ericka Collins are declared Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice.
18 Stacie Thomason, Jennifer Ehmer, and Sheena
Burdette, three of Ava’s superiors at Carey Services are
delcared Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice. Kim Jackson is declared
Santa Ava 20 Runner-up.
Sherry Stepp, one of Ava’s colleagues at
Carey Services, is declared Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice,
joining Amanda Smith.
Cassadee Pope, a finalist on
The Voice, wins the competition and declares a VTFG Victory.
20 Eula Treadwell, Ava’s landlady, is declared
Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice, joining Tina Sumner, Ann Leavitt,
and Ericka Collins in the CSP division.Treadwell is also
awarded Santa Ava 11 (2003) Best of Nice, making her the
first Santa Ava with two Best of Nice awards.
Fifth Harmony, an all-female
group finalist on The X Factor, finishes in 3rd place. Ava
loses more several friendly wagers after Tappy Stabby (Tate
Stevens) won The X Factor season 2. A Vote for the Girls
loss is declared after Carly Rose Sonenclar is runner-up–a
result that within an hour triggered several Twitter and
Facebook wars with Ava and angered Ava further.

BFF changes

Date BFF # Previous New Date Announced
February 19 7 Brandon Jones Mona (Reed) Tyler February 19
February 27 34 Amber Dooley Brooke Jones February 19
April 30 17 Mona Tyler Kyla Cox April 9
May 24 1 Robyn Matthewson* Holly Everman
May 24 2 Holly Everman Alec Dailey
May 24 3 Alec Dailey Karly Cope
May 24 4 Karly Cope Jessica Baisden
July 1 9 Ashley Dawson Wendy (Becker) Simpkins April 9
July 1 27 Wendy (Becker) Simpkins Ashley Dawson April 9
August 5 12 Robert Craven Lisa Pickett May
November 1 36 Maegan Elston Amber Clem September

*Died May 24, 2012
New Zinn Family Members

Date Name Relationship to AVA ZINN
April 26 Salvatore Alley son-in-law
June 9 Sheena (Jay) Zinn niece-in-law

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