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Santa Ava 20 Finals: Eight Finalists + Four Re-instated + One bye = 13 FINALISTS

For only the fourth time in the history of Santa Ava, the Best of Nice and Runner up will be a woman, we already know that is the case.
After Santa Ava (Ava Zinn, yours truly) chose which two deserved to be in the finals–the Santa Ava Elves (see table below) felt that five previously penalized candidates should have made the Santa Ava Finale.
Santa Ava’s Elves

Pink Holly (Everman) Willis
Purple John Steele
Red Sheena (Jay) Zinn
Blue Raymond Passalt
Yellow Lynsey (Everman) Matthewson
Green Frank Davidson

So now there are changes to the Santa Ava finale–Instead of eight finalists, five got reinstated. One of the reinstated individuals mentioned, “This has to be the largest Santa Ava final ever”
Michelle Mendenhall and Tammy Smith are still the final two in Santa Ava Neighbours division.
A third finalist, Amanda Smith, was given a bye to the finals for what another Amanda (my SO Amanda Davidson) “a tip that would eventually seal my fate in Marion and in a way now has AT&T Uverse as a television provider, in addition to free over-the-air upon relocating to Indianapolis after unable to find another provider in Marion to replcae Bright House). For that, Ms. Smith is joining Jackie Meza and Sherry Stepp in the Ava’s Colleagues division. Three individuals are in the Santa Ava finals (the last time three individuals were in the Santa Ava was last season, when Jackie Dickerson, Stacie Thomason, and Lois Bartley were in the finals–Only Lois was declared Best of Nice in the Carey Services Superiors division while Dickerson and Thomason were essentially runners-up yet Honorable Mention.)
Over at the Ava’s Superiours division, like last year, three individuals competed in the Santa Ava finals which was a first in Santa Ava history, and it is no different in Season 20. Sheena Burdette (previously compted in Santa Ava 5 and Santa Ava 19–Burdette finished in third place in season 5 in 1997 and Honorable Mention in season 19 last year) and for the first time in the Santa Ava finals 15 years after falling short of making the Santa Ava 5 finals. Burdette is joining Stacie Thomason and Jennifer (Reed) Ehmer in the Snata Ava 20 finals.
Perhaps one of the biggest in Santa Ava history has to be in the Community Support Program Division: Not three, not even four, but a RECORD BREAKING FIVE individuals for the first time are competing in the Santa Ava season 20 finals. The elves reviewed the overall performances of Eula, Ericka, and Dinana. There were six elves deciding and reviewing the perfomenaces after Tina Sumner and Ann Leavitt were the two finalists in the Santa Ava 20 finals… Four elves voted to reinstate Diana, but deadlocked whether or not to reinstate Ericka and Eula, so Santa Ava broke the deadlock in favour of reinstating Ericka and Eula. The reinstated individual that mentioned the largest Santa Ava ever was Ericka.
So here is how the Santa Ava finals placement for Season 20
Santa Ava 20 Finals line-up

Pink Purple Red Blue Yellow Green
Ava’s Neighbours Michelle Mendenhall
Tammy Smith

Ava’s Colleagues Jackie Meza
Sherry Stepp

Amanda Smith

Ava’s Superioiurs Stacie Thomason
Jennifer (Reed) Ehmer
Sheena Burdette (initially 3rd)

Community Support Program Tina Sumner
Ann Leavitt
Diana Branham (initially 4th)
Ericka Collins (initially 3rd)

Eula Treadwell (initially 5th)

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