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Santa Ava Season 20 Finalists Chosen

As the Christmas tree is up and the shopping already begun in the Zinn family, I chose the folllowing individuals competing for the Best of Nice.
Cornertsone/CSP: I determined that the remaining three finalists were so close to each other, that I wished that they could all compete in the finale–I had chosen Ann (Leavitt) as the first finalist in the Santa Ava Season 20 finale; however, I had to make one of my tougest decision as I had to decide who else will joining Ann in the finals. In the end, it was Tina (Sumner) would be joining Ann in the Santa Ava finals, guaranteeing one of the finalists will get her very first Best of Nice Award. Had Melanie Amaro not won last season’s X Factor and Jessica Sanchez not been saved from elimination, the finalists would have been Ericka (Collins) and Diana (Branham).
Neighbours: Michelle (Mendenhall) and Tammy (Smith)
Ava’s Colleagues: Sherry (Stepp) and Jackie (Meza)
Ava’s Superiors: Based on the overall performance, I personally decided who shall shall advance to the finals. Stacie’s pick of Phillip Phillips winning American Idol season 11 gave her immunity for the second semester and was chosen as the first finalist in the Santa Ava finals. I then chose Jennifer to advance to the final, meaning that Sheena finished in third place. Had Jessica Sanchez won American Idol season 11, missing the American Idol results on May 10 and May 17, 2012, a fateful Friday afternoon of June 29, 2012 did not seal my fate in Marion and decision to relocate to Indianapolis, Sheena (Burdette) and Debi (Johnson) would have been in the Santa Ava finals instead of Stacie (Thomason) and Jennifer (Ehmer).
So now here is what the season 20 Santa Ava finals will look like:
Santa Ava’s Best of Nice Season 20….

  • Cornerstone/CSP winner does not live in Marion, Indiana
  • Ava’s Superiors at Carey Services is not from Marion, Indiana

For those who are wondering about Santa Ava season 21, there is not going to be such season due to the relocation from Marion to Indianapolis. The very first full season of Santa Ava in Indianapolis will happen eventually and stay tuned to Aeverine.info for more info. Meanwhile in Marion and until the relocation to Indinaapolis, there will be several special Santa Ava seasons, such as the Ultimate Santa Ava (past winners and runners-up will compete for a $2,500 AVA ZINN credit grand prize upon the relocation from Marion to Indianapolis), the Santa Ava Revenge of the Naughty (past naughty individuals from the 20 seasons will compete for a $1,000 AVA ZINN credit grand prize and an invite to a future wedding of AVA ZINN).

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